Happy Birthday, XY!!!

Tuesday, October 25, 2011

So, on Saturday, Nian and I celebrated Mama Chan's birthday. And then on Sunday, XY, Nian and I, along with my new best friend, went out for some awesome Sakae Sushi birthday lunch!

We feasted on sashimi, loads of sashimi, sushi, loads of sushis, chanwamushi, and a mega bowl of Chicken Curry Katsudon.

The Sakae Sushi at Northpoint is really pretty good for Sakae's standard. I mean, it's a common knowledge that Sakae Sushi is usually known as Sucky Sushi right? But this outlet is different - their sashimi is really fresh and sweet, with a really nice texture to it that we kept coming back for more.

While I wish that they'd hire more wait staff because their service was a little bit too slow in terms of taking orders and refilling drinks, it is overall quite an enjoyable experience dining there all the time.

I was also happy to meet XY again, even though the last time I saw her was last Friday, hahaha! Tell me about being sticky to her. *sheepish smile*

Oh, so I was talking about our new best friend that was with us on Sunday.

Wanna see her?

Heart-shaped tunic sponsored by Hocuspocusing

"Hi everyone! My name is Amanda!"

Ok, I think I need some mom-training. Looks like I can't carry her very well, with her right arm stuck in an awkward position. Hee. But Amanda is such a darling! She smiles at me when I baby-talk to her and I love how she smells.

Ahhhh~~~ Those yummy baby smell from her tummy. :D

It's amazing how she can make me smile - even when she cries. In fact, when she started wailing, I laughed. She sounds so cute even when she cries, there's no logic anymore.

Do you think we'd make good mom and dad? Looking left and right, I don't really look like a mom in any way. -____-

Looking at how awkward Amanda is again, I'm quite thankful that she actually let me carry for a full 5 minutes before she started crying. I think she had enough of my lacklustre carrying skills hahaha!

I tried showing her Hello Kitties in Kiddy Palace while we strolled around, but this girl ain't interested in those kitties. She was more interested in what was happening around her omg!

She must be the cutest baby on Earth currently on my list. No babies even come close to her. Look how she looks at XY in such miniature happiness!

And this one, she looked like she was arguing with her mommy with some big logic. And XY looked like she was going to surrender to her, hahaha!

Happy Birthday, jie! Last year it was just you, me, Nian and Kev.

Last year!

And this year, we have Amanda. Next year, hopefully we'd have Dylan or Alexis joining in the crowd! <3

Love you always. :D

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