[Adv] Halloween 2011 at Fright Fest, Singapore Flyer

Saturday, October 22, 2011

In 2009, I celebrated Halloween at Downtown East resort because it was my good friend, Wendy's, Hen's Night. I think I've said it a million times but I went as Strawberry Shortcake!

Quite shiok when you don't need to work actually. I actually had time to go rent some costumes to dress up with. Then one year later, for Halloween 2010, I was at the Night Safari for their Halloween Horrors.

How would I to know that that would be their last Halloween event. No offence, but Isabella Loh has probably the shortest sight in business ever. Who else would've gone to Night Safari without the Halloween Horrors?! We can't even see TEN animals in the dark wtf.

But well, I was glad that Nian and I were given a chance to preview Fright Fest at the Singapore Flyer on Thursday! After getting spooked out entirely last year, we are definitely looking towards a hell of an adrenaline flow meeting those ghostly figures.

When we arrived at the Singapore Flyer, it was almost very normal... until we saw some 'creatures' asking for directions at the counter LOL. And then when we followed the 'ghosts', we found a neat entrance to our 'hell hole'.

I was very impressed with the talisman design, to be honest. I think the creatives did a great job!

I brought the horns I bought from Night Safari last year but promptly took out the next moment because I *think* I'm kinda too old for accessories like these, haha!

There was also a Chinese vampire which kinda scared us for a bit because we thought it could be real... and then suddenly jump out and scare the hell out of us. (We were feeling very defensive even before stepping in wtflol!)

Ready to enter? Well, let's go!!

We lifted up the black drapes that covered the entrance - good prop, this one! The suspense of not knowing what was behind the drapes got my adrenaline pumping for a bit. :D

There were some Chinese tombstones around the area... and some abandoned joss sticks and candles.

Then the first ghoul appeared. She was busy 打小人 and scolding really loudly in Cantonese. Pretty scary, I'd say. I think Cantonese and ghosts go very well together. Maybe because of the random Hong Kong ghost movies I used to watch when I was young.... :S

She then suddenly stood up and screamed at Holly and her friend, hahaha! Scared the shit out of them when she yelled at them to move along. :P

She tried to stamp on Nian's feet when he walked past her, but we had no idea that she was trying to do that until we accidentaly kicked her clogs. #ScareNianMissionfail

We headed into the next cave and the 2nd ghost appeared before us. This one is not as scary because....

I'm like half a head taller than her wtf. I could've subdued her without a priest, hahaha!

By the third ghost, I was more amused than scared. I even tried snatching his chains from him... this one.

I like the fourth apparition very much as well, because it actually had a scenario. This widow (or daughter, couldn't tell) was mourning for her husband (or father, couldn't tell either) and she forced us to hold her joss sticks.

She was like, "拿啊!为什么不拿?!拿!"

A spookier photo taken by Conan. There's actually a body inside the coffin too, btw.

Do also look out for these masked men randomly jumping out at you or spraying water into your ear when you walk past them!

This is probably the last ghoul in the Rainforest Trail.

Afterwhich, there were a lot of spooky props placed at the remaining walk...

Image from Conan as well

A pool of skeletons, and Holly and I pretending to be scared. Haha!

To be honest, the scare factor was probably only 1.5/10. Even The Mummy in USS is scarier than this!

I'm assuming that there'd be more in the actual event, because they had promised Japanese ‘Yurei’ and Malay ‘Hantus’ living in Hantu Mansion (didn't see the mansion either) in their website!

After the walk in the Rainforest, we adjourned to the Journey of Dreams interactive gallery and a ride at the Flyer. Check out the mesmerizing cityscape shot by Sze Ping!

Beautiful. :)

Nian and I also spent the 20 minutes on board chatting with other fellow bloggers, admiring the view and then discuss if we should have Popeye's for dinner. :P

After we got off the Flyer, we were ushered to the lounge where the Special Halloween Brew is served.
Picture by Conan

This Halloween brew is kinda special. Looking at it, it does look like it needs some stirring before it is drunk, but you'd be surprised that you're actually supposed to drink it as it is. Plus, it is non-alcoholic.

The green, brownish, red and white somewhat simulate the blood and gore for Halloween .

The tickets to FrightFest@Singapore Flyer costs $25, inclusive of a exclusive Halloween Brew. (Tickets to Saturday's show has been sold out. Only Friday and Sunday's 9PM and 10PM slot left.)

Darren is freaky scary here. D:

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