[Adv] Footloose (2011)

Wednesday, October 26, 2011

How do you get a piece of Kleenex to dance?

Yesterday, Sissy #3 and I attended a preview of Footloose!

Releasing tomorrow, this movie is a remake from the popular film (a.k.a Footloose) in 1984.

Ren MacCormack moved from Boston to Bomont where he experiences a heavy dose of culture shock. A few years prior his arrival, the community was shattered by a tragic accident that killed five teenagers after a night out.

Bomont’s local councilmen and beloved Reverend Shaw Moore responded by implementing curfews, prohibiting dancing and even playing loud music. Not willing to bow to submission, Ren challenges the ban, revitalizing the town and falling in love with the pastor's daughter Ariel in the process.

Three reasons why this show is a good watch:

1) Kenny Wormald is way cute. Waaaaay, waaaaaay cute. Do you know that Zac Efron was casted for this role? I'm glad he pulled out then, and Kenny Wormald got it! Thomas Dekker was also considered for the role, but I still think this newcomer has got a lot of potential.

2) They've got really good choreography! Love those synchronized line-dancing moves. I used to try to do line dance, really (not kidding) and I tell you, it isn't as easy as it seems.

Unlike the 1984 production, Kenny Wormald performed most of the dances in the movie. You guys should just watch how he dances. Very creative movements, I'd say!

3) I like how compatible Julienne Houge (as Ariel Moor) and Kenny Wormald look. And how they truly look like they are having a time of their lives. :)


After the movie, Sissy #3 and I decided to chill out at Billy Bombers, all because she has never tried their milkshakes before. Who has never tried Billy's milkshakes?!

Billy's milkshakes are my absolute faaaavourite. Just throw me there with their fries and Cookies & Cream shake, I will be a happy woman! :D

So I introduced my meimei Singapore's Best Milkshake (in my opinion) and we shared a Obama Burger - not too bad, I loved the onion rings, but the beef patty was a tad too well-done for my liking. Would prefer it to be a little more raw!

I was wearing Dirty Linen's Inverted Pleat Shift Dress. I wore this for the photo shoot with ShirO and Eileen over the weekend and this is one of my favourite dresses because it fits so well, and I must admit I'm still kinda stuck with mustard (both colour and sauce). This picture does no justice to the dress and let's all blame the terrible lighting. *points fingers*

Do look out for the photography post this weekend - a whole lot of dresses for you to pick and choose!

(And yes, I know I look tired. Haven't been sleeping well these days because the weather's too freakin hot wtf.)

Talking about photoshoot, here's a sneak peek for you! (This is the Crystalbelle Dress from Amelie-Anne)

Ok ciaos!

Oh, before I go, how do you get a piece of Kleenex to dance?

You put a boogie on it. Hehe.

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