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Monday, October 31, 2011

I've never been much of a model so you can imagine how excited I was when ShirO offered to give me a photoshoot with her new lens! As such, I've also taken this chance to collaborate with several blogshops to feature their clothings. :D

These are the first few batches for you to look at! More coming up over the week when I receive them from Shir. There was one which I sat down 'meditating', and I tell you, I LOVE the glow emitting behind me!

Anyways, ShirO, Eileen (my super fashionable 'stylist' who appeared in the style of an artist- I CAN HAZ STYLIST TOO ZOMG!) and I decided to look for some lalang field for our shoot.

My gawd. Lalang fields are pretty inaccessible in the urbanized Singapore, I tell you! Eileen had to drive us everywhere while looking for 'Punggol End', which we never found, so we headed to Tebing Lane.

We had to walk for a good 15 minutes after we parked the car before we finally spot some patch of lalang field... which was extremely trecherous to walk, especially when I was wearing my heels. Zzz.


Despite my complains, I think it's all super worth it. I love how soft the lalang field made me. HOW COME I SUDDENLY SO PRETTY OMG?!?

Belt from Bangkok

 Ok fine, maybe not very drop-dead beautiful but these photos definitely don't look like I was in SG!

And yes, I complained a lot when we were in the lalang. "Aiya! Why so many mosquitoes one!? OMG the lalang's in my ear! Oh man, what's all these stones doing hereeeeeeeee."


LOVE THIS PICTURE the most most most most most. I never thought 'gentle' could be a word to describe me hahaha, but look at the picture!


Pearl bracelets, Forever 21

Gosh, how soft can the sunlight be? It's almost impossible!

I can almost feel like I'm lying down in the same patch of grass as Edward Cullen in Twilight.

I also realized that almost any colours look good amidst the lalang field. Yes. Even a rich blue dress in the style of Princess Kate.


More pictures on this apparel coming up in the next few posts, so must stay tuned! (I wear this very often to work because the half-sleeves keep me pretty warm in a chilly office. yay!)

And then the weather got hotter, so my hair got messier. Hahaha! But I absolutely adore my next top because of those cutesy pink collar from Bellezabebe!

 Here's Shanice, the model for Bellezabebe with a more accurate swatch of the top.

Wore it again yesterday when I was out with Baby A, and I think she likes my strawberry-coloured collar too. Hehehe.

Changed out and slipped into the only maxi-dress for the day. This maxi looks really normal at the front, but what I really liked is what's at the back:

Super sexy key-hole!


For a better 'shape', you can also wear a belt at your waist. I love the clothes at Treslovechic because they can be so simple, but yet sexy at the same time! 

Show you girls another sexy piece later, which Shir, Eileen and I took along the quiet roads in the evening.

We went three different places for the whole day's shoot - which was really tiring because we had to walk a lot! :P And yes, in case you were wondering, I did change amongst the lalang. Very challenging, I'd say, because I was really terrified that someone will see me in nothing but underwear and then proceed to STOMP me.

Thank goodness for Eileen and a sun-shield from the car, I think I managed to preserve some chasity. :P

We moved on to other parts of the park, where I changed into Dirty Linen's dress. I love dull colours like that sometimes, because it makes me look more formal when I need to be.

Very apt dress to look chic, yet corporate!

Drawing inspiration from elements of fashion eras past, local brand Benediction pays homage to the styles of yesterday and adapts it for the contemporary woman. Designs veer toward the classic and sleek with soft, flowy breathable fabrics and clean lines in muted neutrals and deep hues. Privately manufactured right here in Singapore and with a production cap at less than 5 pieces per size, you won’t find many wearing the same garment as you with this exclusive new label.

How's that for being unique?


Another dress from Dirty Linen is their Inverted pleat shift dress. As simple as it is, I love the little pleats you can see near the collar line, and the cloth quality is very impressive for a $29 dress!

Dirty Linen is another collection, apart from Benediction. While it is supposed to be more casual, I think this dress also fits well for work, or sometimes a nice brunch date with my Mr. Tan, don't you think so? :D


On other even casual days, I thought of pairing Hocuspocusing's Paperbag Midi Skirt ($26). In fact, I paired it with so many different tops recently, like this one in my previous post:

Love the elastic waistband as well, because that would mean that you can wear it to a buffet - no worries about bursting those tight skirts of yours! :P

And now, finally the night shots. We drove off from Punggol to the secluded Picaddilly Road, where the Seletar Airport is. Love the quietness of this road, sometimes dotted with a few cars and a single bus that runs this route. :)

By now, I was a pro in changing anywhere and everywhere! For instance, I wore this sexy bareback dress in Eileen's car, under a black canvas sheet hahaa!


I don't know why I looked like I just cried in the picture though. Swear I wasn't crying, LOL.

Like the previous maxi-dress, I love how naughty these dresses are from Treslovechic! Doesn't it look super 'proper' at the front? Just imagine wearing these to work, paired with a nice work jacket.

And after work? Wooosh! You're that helluva sexy babe ready to party the night away zomg!

Changed into another party dress after Treslovechic's Belda Low-Back dress into something lacy and equally sexy.


2nd favourite picture of the lot. I don't know how I can look so emo sometimes LOL.

And yes, how can we NOT end our day long photo shoot with something nice and whacky? :D (left's Shiro, and right, who dressed like Picasso, is Eileen!)

I'd be editing more pictures over the week (will be introducing my accessories sponsor, One98one, that has yet to be featured yet!), you can expect more pictures from the shoot because they are all so nice, I think they all deserve to be looked at by everyone!

Special thanks:

This photoshoot would not have been possible without the generous sponsors from the various blogshops, who allowed me to pick and choose clothes that fitted me so well. It will also not materialize without ShirO and Eileen!

Blogshops collaboration: Amelie-Anne, Bellezabebe, Dirty Linen, Hocuspocusing, One98one & Treslovechic

Photography: ShirO (Please email clashboomband@gmail.com for rates)

Styling: Eileen

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