[Adv] E.T.C's October Pop-Up Store

Thursday, October 13, 2011

On Saturday, I dropped by Colbar at Wessex Estate for E.T.C's Pop-up Store for the month of October.

Image stolen from Derrick lol

Very colonial, this place used to be the canteen for the soldiers in the past. And now, it is still kinda like a canteen, except that their food is not very cheap.

Most people went there for the ambiance though, I think it's a nice place to chill and relax with a bottle of beer and just talk about nothing. If the day is special enough, you get to shop right beside your table too.

Here's me, dressed in my new striped top (which is too flowy, should've tucked in) and PerryAmber's Speedy Bag. Let's go shopping!

Like mentioned in my previous e.t.c post, I was looking forward in getting myself a Taiwan Banane bag since the last time I posed with one.

The Banane bag is very, very popular in Taiwan you know? A lot of celebrities are carrying it currently... like Fish Leong:

I can haz same bag!

Gigi Leong also has one, and quite a lot of artistes whom I dunno their names, also have one. So... It's logical that I should get one also, right? :P

I took a bloody long time to choose because there were so many colours. Like, i like this cream one also! But my husband asked me why I need so many same bags in different colours for. -____-

Men, sometimes they don't understand lor.

Ah... yah. I was also torn between this plum coloured one. Why can't I have them all!!!!!

I actually did a research before I commit to get this bag. Afterall.... I wouldn't wanna get a bag already and then realize there are actually better ones out there, I will fml lor.

So I decided to share with you guys. As you can see from the logo, it's a little cart with a little bunny. This logo changes every year! Last year was a deer or something, if I didn't remember wrongly. This year, it's a bunny because of the rabbit year.

Next time, when you see someone carrying a Banane bag, all you need to do is to look at the logo and you'd know which year the bag is from. Cool or COOOOOOOOLLLLLLLLL.

Another clearer logo in the inside... and then the next picture will show you how spacious the bag is:

It can carry a pencil case, a make up pouch, a make up brush which I forgot to cover while taking a photo, wallet, key pouch, organizer + some boss level math worksheets, gummy bears and a camera. Not bad for a bag like this!

Daeny then showed me a couple of new satchel bags they've got and he got me even more undecided wtf.

Personally, I like the yellow one best. It goes very well when you want to do colour blocking for the day.. Like this:

This green jacket is on my next to-get list when they come back with their pop-up store in November. Let me show you more on that!

Love the slight folds at the front - kinda made me look skinnier in some way, don't you think so? :P

The jacket on its own. Beautiful, beautiful green. I can so imagine what are the clothes I can wear with already!

Irresistable details on the shoulders. Major love!

We adjourned to have a late lunch, and I ordered myself a Pork Chop, Mushrooms and Chips set. The mushrooms were so-so, obviously not flavoured because it tasted like it was taken straight from the can.

The chips were good, very mushy in the middle, but crispy at the edges. Nice.

The pork chop was a mother of all pork chop. It was so tough, my gawd. Jaw locked after all the chewing wtf! And this whole thing costs me $10. Which was okay..... I guess.

Given that this palm-sized milkshake that cost me $5. #daylightrobbery

It was quite a good experience though - Wessex is such an uluated place I'd probably won't be there if not for E.T.C so.... no complains. I've had good company that day and I enjoyed myself thoroughly. :D

In case you're wondering, I bought the pink one!

And this was taken in the sucky Hei Sushi. Sucky place with bad lighting that made my nose look round and fat fts. -__-

Taiwan Banane Bag sold at E.T.C. at $45 each with various colours to choose from, green jacket at $50 with cream, black and green for your selection. Check out their collections HERE.

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  1. I don't think this is real because the real one in taiwan sells over 100. i got mine like urs on gmarket for only $20.

  2. I'm not sure if the one I bought is real or not but the quality is really good! Maybe one day if I see a real one from TW, I can compare. :P

    How is the quality of yours?


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