[Adv] Crizal Lenses - MORE chances for you now!

Monday, October 03, 2011

Not sure if you'd remember but just last month, I was giving away a complimentary pair of Crizal lenses worth $150 and Popcorng was the lucky winner!

After that, many, many friends scolded me because they never win. But now, everyone can have a chance to own a pair of Crizal lens because they having yet another round of giveaways!

This time, you'd just need to log onto http://www.crizal.com.sg/main.html and take part in the Crizal Clear Contest! It's dead simple, really. You'd just need to answer what are the five enemies of visions, fill in your particulars and stand a chance to win.

I've already taken part myself!

The contest will run from 1 Oct to 31 December - that's a total of 13 weeks - and one winner will be picked every week. This has definitely a much higher odds as compared to the previous giveaway, so why not give it a shot? :)

And don't say I'm not nice... there's help under the cut, if you wanna know what are the five enemies of vision.

Good luck!!

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