[Adv] CP Biggest Eater - Heats Round 2!

Friday, October 21, 2011

Can I say that I'm really glad that most kids are done with their exams? :D And because of that, Nian and I managed to spend some time over the weekend, running our errands and even got to catch CP Biggest Eater, local heats round 2!

And by some stroke of luck, we were right on time to watch this year's defending champion, Ng Chin Seng (in beanie) going for his heats.

To be honest, I don't understand why Chin Seng had to go through the heats. Shouldn't a defending champion be qualified automatically?

But that being said, I was still glad that he was there. I wanted to see for myself how much he could really eat! Last year, Chin Seng won by eating over a hundred wontons in 8 minutes. I don't remember how much exactly was it, probably 116 or 160. (I tried googling but there was no news of him. WHY??? He was the grand winner leh!)

This year, with the prize money even bigger (last year was $1500. This year is USD$2000 + trip for 2 to Bangkok for finals!), you can see that there are more people participating as well. But, can they win Chin Seng?

See Boon Long was the highest at 88 wontons in 5 minutes before Chin Seng took his place in the competition table. And 5 minutes later.....................

The defending champion took over the first place with 92 wontons in 5 minutes flat!! That's about 18.5 wontons in one minute omg!

Of course, the event wouldn't be this successful if not for the hard work of my awesome Vibes Kids - Daen and Melly. Pulling loads of late nights, sudden last minute emergencies to attend... all for this annual eating competition.

Daeny kept asking Nian and I to join. To be honest, we really don't think we can eat THAT much. Ask him to run 50 level in 5 minutes, not a problem. But ask him to eat 50 wontons in 5 minutes... we're not that sure. LOL!

You can catch the finals of CP Biggest Eater TOMORROW, from 1PM to 5PM at Orchard Central. Do come early because there are several Major League Eaters coming for an exhibition contest - there's even Juliet Lee, the #1 Female Eater in the world!


Feeling hungry after watching the eating competition, we headed to Ichiban Boshi, one of our favourite Japanese joints for an early dinner.

OMG SASHIMI. I'm such a sucker for it, I am honestly worried how I'd be when I'm pregnant. No medium rare steaks, no sashimi, no raw food.....

But I'm sure it's gonna be worth it la. Besides, I've been really stuffing myself with all these forbidden goodies before I've to stop it for the entire year. Hehehe.

Maybe, just maybe, I may get so sick of it I won't miss it anymore?

I never used to like wasabi in the past, but ever since 3 years ago, after I got together with Nian, I somewhat became a wasabi-master.

Okok, I take that back. Not so much of a master as compared to Nian and Leong (who could eat wasabi straight from the container, siao one!), but at least it will take quite a bit of that wasabi sting before I start to tear. #personalaccomplishment

Please, please, PLEASE order this if you happen to dine at Ichiban Boshi! The scallops with cheese at the top... OOOooooohhhhh. Maybe I can have like 3 servings of this before I start to feel sick. :P

But then again, I've to watch what I eat. Photoshoot with Shiro this coming Sunday... and I'm mad excited! :)

Till then, guys!

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