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Tuesday, October 11, 2011

If you're one of the kids still studying in primary/secondary school, you shouldn't be reading this now because it's your exam period!

And yes, when you're busy, so am I. In fact, I'm ten times busier than you because I've to go through the same ol' tuition crash courses during this period. Honestly ah, why don't you people just start earlier?

(Ok actually I also used to study last minute when I was in school but I'm a tutor now so I get to say whatever I want. Besides, I never used to force my tutor to have tuition with me just cuz I've got exams!)

I really don't like it when kids go into some kind of mad flurry, and then insist that I've to give them tuition the day before their exams. You think will help meh? One day before? Really?

Then I should charge an additional 50% for these crash courses since I'm so bloody effective. *rolls eyes*

Ok, take it that you have some last minute questions that I can help, surely you know your exam dates at least 3 weeks before hand. Right? Surely you know you'd want to have tuition one day before, since you do it all the time, but you decide not to book your tutor earlier.

You think your tutor is cab driver, just call hotline and I'd be there in 5-7 minutes.


Because tuition classes suddenly became the "in-thing", I stuffed my Saturdays and Sundays full. All the way until Sunday 7PM, and people complain why I knock off so early. YOU PEOPLE DAMN NO CONSCIENCE I TELL YOU.

To cheer me up, my husband wanted to bring me to have good food and shop around Daiso for cheap nice stuff, so we to Sembawang Shopping Centre.

Wanted to eat some sushi, so Hei Sushi was the only option in SSC.

Boy, this place sucked.

How so?

1. They've got almost nothing for sale wtf.

Not available, not available, not available, not available. Premium sushi half of it not available.

Chanwamushi also not available (in fact, the third Chanwamushi also not available - and we waited for 30 minutes for that. More story later), tofu also not available....

And then gelato EVERYTHING also not available. What's the point of this page anyway??????

And the conveyor belt is also empty hahahaha fuck this shit.

In the end, we ordered a plate of salmon sashimi, 2 plates of crabmeat sushi, 1 tamago sushi (which they served us tako instead zzz-__-) and one more plate of something else I don't remember. Just because we were craving for sushi.

We rock la seriously, to not have even left the place.


So the story on the chanwamushi:

We ordered two servings of it. Waiter told us that it was not available, and if we really want, we gotta wait for 10 minutes.

10 minutes didn't seem that long, so we agreed.

10 minutes passed. No chanwamushi.

20 minutes passed, still no chanwamushi.

30 minutes later, we asked another waitress. And the Phillipino said,

"But mum, the machine close already, we are not making anymore chanwamushi."


"But your colleague told us that we'd have our chanwamushi if we waited for 10 minutes?"

"Oh sorry, but we have no chanwamushi."

So we waited for the god-damn chanwamushi that never meant to come. -___- And it was only like 8PM YOU SO FAST CLOSE MACHINE FOR WHAT.

Lastly, before I heave a sigh to end off this angsty part of the post, check out the cups. These people can't even get matching cups for our green tea... and it took them 15 minutes to serve us 2 cups and 2 sachets of teabags. #winmaximum


Ok now onto the better part of the night. We went Daiso and we bought new stuff! Love Daiso. They sell almost everything and anything and only at $2 wtf. And then we went to watch Real Steel like finally LOL.

Hugh Jackman is super hawt in this movie btw! Having gotten rid of that Wolverine hairstyle, I almost, very nearly, couldn't recognize him. :D

Also love his 11-year-old kid in the show, who is soooooo talented with these robots. And of course, the sheer willpower of their final robot, Atom, made me cry.

An old-time boxer with an obselete 2nd generation discarded robot finds a new life together and faces Zeus, the big-time winner in the World Robot Boxing competition.

This show is definitely worth the watch, and probably slightly tear-jerking. Nice!

And now, back to dealing with last minute tuition crash courses. Ahhhh November, why don't you come soon?

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