[Adv] Halloween - Where To Go?

Thursday, October 27, 2011

Yesterday, I saw my brother-in-law, Leong, going out to shop for his Halloween necessities. So you see, the time of the year to play dress-up is here again! Last year, he went as the Guru:

Hahahaha!! I deserved to be killed. I took his photos without his permission and then made it so huge-ass on my blog LOL. Quite similar to the real Guru, eh?

Maybe Leong just has a frizzier hair.. and needed specs. :P

So everyone already has a place in their mind to go. How about you? Are you planning to head down to the Singapore Flyer for their Fright Fest? Or are you going to USS for their Halloween Horror Night?

But let me tell you, nothing is as scary as visiting a cemetry to spook the hell out of you, don't you think so??

And maybe, while you're there, you should totally watch a horror movie. That's almost inviting those 'beings from the netherworlds' to join you in the party wtf! :D

I heard some of you, the strong-hearted, raising your eyebrows and go, "Where? Which cemetry?"

Well, fearless ladies and gentlemen, it is the Bidadari Cemetery, and SingTel wants you to be there.


Tomorrow, the American Horror Story will be playing in the heart of one of Singapore's most haunted cemeteries, and all you need to do, is to register and drive in.

Just make sure you check the back seat of your car, just in case somebody decides to hitch a ride........... >:)

See you there, fearless!

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