18 September 2011 - Memories in 57 Pictures

Wednesday, October 19, 2011

Finally got the pictures back from one of our photographers! :D I had two change of dresses both in the day and evening to keep things simple and fuss-free because I believe that this is a wedding, not a fashion show lolol.

Shu and Ting helping me with my mega sash :)

My sisters!

 Doing a "WE CAN DO IT" cheer while Andy works on my hair LOL.

 Here's Mama Chan and Papa Chan. My 2 pillars of my life. :)

 Hubbers arrives with squinty eyes didi opening the door for him.

The brothers going up my block for gatecrashing.

So confident lor, hahaha!

Human stacking pyramid in one of the games. Poor boys. D:

And then they had to dance.

And drink yucky concoctions LOL

 Daeny had my room key in his back pocket so they were molesting him violently LOL.

And he got his bride!

Love my yellow walls and his super pink bow tie. Hehehe.

Laughing merrily because Daeny got a kiss from Ben. Hehehe.

Gonna leave house and get married to another family already.

Hugged Pops and Momsy goodbye (but not so teary cuz we'd be back!)

But granny can't bear to have me married out. *hugs granny*

 Dad escorted me into the car...

And off we go to the Tan's!

Had to eat tung yuens for blessings. Can you spot our Huffalump sitting on the bed?! Hahaha!
Nian painted our room just a month before our wedding btw. All by himself! #hubbaftw

And then the tea ceremony (we were being served tea by the juniors in this pic)

Changing out of the gown, into my tea dress.

 Headed back to the Chan's after that in my ROM dress. Lovely yellow isn't it? Love this dress to bits. :D

Mom helping me with my new earrings...

While Dad helped us with our necklaces. Hahaha Papa Chan is pretty clumsy with those catches though!

 Hubba removed my veil, changed and headed to the hotel shortly.


Really, really love my full lace gown and my ginormous ribbon. <3

I got a whole lot of hugs from everyone we love!

And hubba surprised everyone by appearing without an inner shirt. I know, he stole all my limelight!

 Best brothers in the world, all the way from secondary school. I LOVE their suits!!
Best dressed for the night! :D

Macam like superstar like that LOL

Marched in shortly after. It was so misty I was kinda afraid to walk. (Scared fall down then it will be fmlttm)

 Best singers I've ever had in any parties. :)

And these are best dressed #2, Kakak and Adik! <3

 Laughing happily at the morning express. Hahaha!

2nd march in, with Nian coming in with a sleek black suit with bow tie. Cute!


Probably my most favourite moment: Everyone YUUUUUUUMMMM SEEENNNGGGG!!!!

My secondary school / JC buddies! (Also Nian's soccer buddies lol)

Nian's secondary school buddies and soccer buddies from SAFSA

Soccer buddies from PSA (he plays for a lot of teams...) and NYP buddies

Childhood friends and David, the one in green, who is our matchmaker. We'd never have met without him. :)

Rowdiest colleagues from the SAF!

Netball buddies and Vibes kids

More Vibes Kids, King and Elf (founders of thesamplestore) and cousins!


Blogging friends forever ^-^


Singapore Polytechnic's Diploma in Biotechnology kids!


Our guests are generally very nice.... except for the soccer boys, of course. Thank goodness for making all the alcohol-gods our brothers. Hehehe.


My favourite Malay family. ^-^


Tuesday Girls and an old neighbour ^-^


Murdoch University Comms kids ^-^


Raymond being a very onz brother, helping Nian to finish his deadly concoction. No sweat for him!


Say goodbye to everyone, everyone, everyone~

Has it been a month already? Oh boy. Time is sure passing really quickly.

But we're going to infinity, and beyond!

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  1. Congrates my gal, both of u look so happy!

  2. You look damn gorgeous here! :D Happy Marriage~~~~


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