[Adv] Do You Eat A Lot?

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

I always wished that I am someone who can eat a lot, but still remain skinny.

The thing is, when I say a lot, it really means a freaking lot. Not like your "I can eat two cheeseburgers" kinda a lot. It's the boss level of eating.

Like freaking 5KG of cheesecakes.

Like eating 35 spring rolls in one seating.

Like eating 41 slices of pizzas without gagging.

Like eating 182 chicken wings without feeling like my stomach is bursting.

Like eating 380 shrimp wontons in 8 minutes.

Last year, CP launched their first ever Biggest Eating Competition in Singapore, and it took many, many people by storm.

And this year, CP Biggest Eater is back - bigger and better than before! You can expect lots of exciting competition from all over Asia. This year, CP Biggest Eater is not only in Singapore, but in Australia (Melbourne), Hong Kong, and the very exciting finals in Bangkok, the home of CP!

If you think you can eat, I think this is the best contest for you.

Last year's local winner downed 120 wontons in 8 minutes! This year's winners (male & female categories) will not only walk away with USD2000, they get to travel to Bangkok, compete with the rest of the winners from Australia, Thailand and Hong Kong, and win ANOTHER USD3000!

If you'd like to try for the heck of it (never hurts to give it a go to see how much your stomach can really take!), you get to walk away with a goodies bag if you can take down 30 wontons in 5 minutes.

Best of all, registration is free!

All you need to do is to fill up THIS FORM. I'll be down at Orchard Central this 15, 16 and 22 October for the heats and finals - and you bet I'd be cheering for you.

P.S. You can catch popular Major League Eaters competing against one another on 22 Oct as well!
- World’s No. 20 Crazy Legs Conti
- World’s No. 1 Female Sonya Thomas
- World’s No. 2 Patrick Bertoletti
And here's an exciting clip from last year's competition to get you all started. See ya guys! Remember to register! :) 

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