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Tuesday, September 13, 2011

Hi ya'll!

As you guys are reading right now, we are down to the last few days of our wedding dinner. It has been a really crazy ride from selecting the gown, picking the shoes, choosing the flowers, designing the invitation cards to packing the wedding invites!

Wedding dinners are such a chore, I tell you. Just writing the invitation cards alone was enough to break our hands zomg. We're going the wild, cheena kinda wedding theme so we're expecting loads of red and white all over the ballroom, complete with cheesy cheena music that would guarantee make us all roar with laughter!

I even got those 7th month singers for my mom, just to make the whole dinner whacky and funny. Afterall, some people opt for classy, romantic dinner, so maybe we should do one that is totally ridiculous, funny and where everyone gets drunk. Now, that's a real party!

Here are a few pictures for your sneak peek! I think I should be on hiatus for this week but do check back soon because I've got two fantastic blogshops to introduce to you guys!

Till then, have a great week!

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  1. nice! especially the 1st candid one :D cya soon!

  2. Hehe yeah! We love love love that picture so we blew it up and it's gonna be up on our bed stand! <3

    See you at the dinner! \m/


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