Bangkok Trip 2011

Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Shortly after our wedding dinner, Hubba and I left for Bangkok. Although this is not my first time in BKK, I was more excited than anything because it was Nian's first time there! I had wanted to plan so much things for him to see and experience... but as you and I always know, there's always not enough time to do everything. :P

The flight to Bangkok was a rather dramatic one.

To start things off, we were surrounded by lots and lots of PRCs.

In my opinion, there are two types of PRCs. One adapts entirely well with Singaporeans and is not socially awkward (i.e. not spitting, talking loudly and smell funky). The other type is.. well, the exact opposite. Unfortunately, we were surrounded by the second type of PRCs, fuck our lives.

They came in late; at least 60 of them. It was like a tour group or something but they were flying budget. Quite weird, I thought usually tour groups will sign you up on some better flights?

Anyways, they then took a SUPER long time to get settled down while the whole plane continued to wait and watch them in amusement. Suddenly, two airport policemen came up the flight.

After much discussion, opening of bags and MORE discussions, two confused PRCs were off-loaded.

Apparently, as according to the PRC tour leader, one auntie actually had marijuana on her.

Please don't ask me how she even managed to get up on the plane, I have no idea. D:

After the eventful flight, we reached Bangkok at about 7PM. Wanted to save some money on cab, so we decided to try out their express train!

It costs us 90 baht (~SGD$4) per pax and only 15 minutes to get into the city. Fast! :D

We then quickly checked into our room at Adelphi Grande Hotel along Sukhumvit Road, which was a really, really nice hotel at only 80SGD/night! (It has a swimming pool and gym too ok, awesome!)

Correst, you didn't see wrongly: There was even a kitchen and washing machine!

For what, I don't know. But I heard that there are guests who stay there on long term basis, so probably a kitchen and a washing machine will be useful for them.

The bellboy walked us to our room, turned on the air-conditioner for us, and upon seeing us laughing out loud at the swans on our bed, he left us with a "Have a great honeymoon."

Sweeeeeeet. :D
They even decorated the entire room with rose petals... :) :) :)

Perhaps the downsides of this hotel is the lack of bathtubs and the distance from the BTS station.

After setting down our stuff, we hailed a cab to the nearby Cabbages and Condoms for our dinner. If some of you don't already know, Cabbages & Condoms is a restaurant opened to raise awareness about AIDS in the rural area.

There are stalls along the path before you reach the restaurant, and most of the proceeds go to the poor children for their school, or their necessities.

Check out this sexy fruit picker. More on this later!

Ordered a few nice dishes to fill our empty stomachs:

Love the Phad Thai there. Do try it if you have a chance!

Cabbages and Condoms
Sukhumvit Soi 12
Bangkok 10110

Day 2

We ended the night very early on the first day because we were shagged out by the plane ride, even though it was only 2 hours LOL. Besides, the bed was soooooo comfortable, all we wanted was to quickly get back, have a hot shower and then SNUGGLE. :P

Woke up at 9AM Bangkok time and headed down to the cafe for our breakfast. The spread was really good and I particularly enjoyed the Cream of Carrots there! <3

As we were gonna walk, walk and walk a lot on the second day (planned to go Pratunam and Platinum Mall, hehehe), I decked out in Perry Amber's Sunshine Yellow Dress. Btw, I heard that this dress is down to the last piece so....! :)

Headed out immediately after breakfast (notice how empty the restaurant is already! I bet everyone is out shopping by 10AM LOL) and we went to Central World first.

Still remember how I met a scammer at Central World when I was there 3 years back wtf. The gist is, if anyone tells you that you're one helluva lucky kid cuz the temple that has been closed the whole year is opened, don't believe them. Not even after the 3rd unknown man tells you the same thing because they operate in a syndicate so I bet there would be at least 10 of them around at any time!

So after a brief walk at Central World, Nian and I headed over to Platinum Mall. I got a couple of belts for Mama Tan, myself, Nian and Sissy 1; a pair of high-waisted shorts for Sissy 2. We attacked Pratunam opposite... although we didn't buy anything much for ourselves there.

Settled for lunch at Once Upon A Time opposite Pantip Plaza, as recommended online.

I realized that a lot of glasses in Thai restaurants all have some sort of "women" in them. For Cabbages and Condoms, the fruit picker was in the shape of a woman. In Once Upon A Time, this "shape" is... more pronounced. Why ah?

I'd love to sip on one with a guy's shape instead. I think that'd be interesting too hahaha. :P

The food there was surprisingly good. The serving in the Tom Yum Soup was generous, we had loads of olives and prawns and squids and what-have-yous. I was also very impressed with the shrimp omelette and the basil leaf chicken.

But this place is not cheap. Just a little bit cheaper than Cabbages and Condoms, this restaurant costs as much as $40 for the two of us. (Which is helluva expensive in BKK!)

We headed back to the hotel again (hahaha lousy shoppers, us) to drop our shopping bags and rest our tired legs. We also wanted to go back to start on our movie marathon (because we bought 4 pirated DVDs - Johnny English, Hop, Bridesmaids and something else I don't remember).

Turns out, only Bridesmaids was watchable because Johnny English and the other movie were like in Thai........ and Hop was mute. -___________-


Evening came and Nian and I changed and got ready for our anniversary dinner. I made a reservation at Sirocco because it was so beautiful, and the food was really good the last time I visited.

But it was closed cuz it was raining. =(

So we settled for Mezzaluna.

Even though we were slightly disappointed, it was very quickly drowned by the beautiful scenery we can look out to while dining.

While in Sirocco, you can't really hear much of the music because it's outdoor. In Mezzaluna, you can immerse yourself with the excellent performances of the string quartet playing romantic music. The ceiling-high windows also gave us a fantastic view of the city while we dined - something that is difficult to see while dining in Sirocco.

Nian's row of short ribs

We selected a three-course meal that comes up to about $200 per person (I know right! Super duper expensive but it's worth it I tell you!). Nian started his course with a very flavourful carbonara, while I started with a platter of lobsters and scallops. Yum yum.

The basket of bread is free flow and is served warm with melted butter. Yumz x 2!

My maincourse is a pan-fried seabass while Nian opted for a row of short ribs, which is simmered until they are sooooo soft and succulent.

They served us a pre-dessert - Pineapple sorbet with carrot cake. I love the carrot cake! (I don't know what other words to use, apart from love.) Two of us were like ooooh-ing and ahhhh-ing at the food, it would be quite hilarious if you watch us, I think!

Both of us left with a box of complimentary chocolates from Mezzaluna, with some drinks vouchers that had no expiry date. (I hope that we'd be back soon so that I can bring him to the Sky Bar!)

Afterwhich, we moved on to Healthland Spa for a two-hour long massage (which was actually only 1.5hours. Not sure if it's because they were closing....). It came up to 900 baht for the both of us, which is about SGD$20 for 2 hours.

Very cheap, I'd say. :) We were given one private room, which was something I appreciate too. Most massage parlours in Bangkok have those curtains that divides the customers - meh, I don't like those.

Day 3

Day 3 was actually our last 'full' day because we were flying back early on Day 4.

We checked out of our hotel because our relatives in Bangkok invited us over for the night. Kinda sad to have only stayed for two nights though, it will be nice if we can stay there for a week! Hehehe.

The initial plan was to go to Chinatown for Nam Sing (a popular restaurant for birds nest and sharks fin soup) and then shop around for some accessories. However, Uncle Tan told us that there were a lot of imitation sharks fins soup and birds nest in Chinatown... and offered to drive us to somewhere else for the feast during dinner.

With that, we headed straight to Chatuchak.

I don't know about you guys, but my favourite lanes in the JJ Market has to be Soi 15 and 16 - where all the cutesy pets are! This time, we saw loads of chinchillas, puppies, squirrels and even a whole tray of Siamese kitties! <3

Too bad cannot take pictures there, otherwise I'd have posed with every cutesy animals... hehehe.

Oh! One of our happiest buys was a carpet for our newly furnished room. :) Bargained to 650 baht from 800!

Other stuff we bought included random tees, dresses (at 200 baht each!) and loads and loads of tidbits hehehe.

Headed to MBK after that in hope of finding new bedsheets for the bed, but it worked out to about SGD$200, which is like.... about the same price in SG so there was no point in buying and lugging them back. :(

Headed back to our relative's place on tuk tuk before heading out for dinner again.

Day 4

Waking up at 6AM for a 9AM flight was no mean feat. Had to dig myself out of the bed, then take a cab to the airport. I'm almost thankful that we had an uneventful flight back to SG. (Although still plenty of 2nd group PRCs - and I honestly wonder why.)

So! Another fantastic holiday with my most favourite travel partner! Hand in hand, this has been our 5th holiday in these three years. To be honest, I think this is a great indulgence because Nian doesn't really like travelling, but on the other hand, his wife is always having the wanderlust. *slight guilt*

Besides, the preparations for our traditional wedding has already set us back quite a bit of money.. So I'm really thankful that he is willing to take out more money to bring me out of SG. I mean, he could have always said that he has none left, right?!

Let's explore the world together, hubba love. There are so so many places for us to explore together, until the end of time. :)

And oh yes, happy 3rd year anniversary. We've been dating for 3 years! <3

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