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Friday, September 16, 2011

If you're looking for a one-stop shop for clothes and bags, let me introduce you Perry Amber.

Ran by a couple of seasoned bloggers, as a shopper, you can definitely expect top-notch services. Afterall, who else does online shopping better than bloggers ourselves? :P

Thanks to the awesome girls, I snagged a dress and a bag for my usual day errand running:

Love this Sunshine Yellow Dress ($26)! It's so bright and cheery, it's just about right for me to wear it for my holiday next week. :D (Yeah, going away for a really short holiday after the wedding dinner. Not so much a honeymoon though!)

I also got myself this really pretty Adelina Speedy Bag ($29, now sold out) for my daily trips to work and tuition - it is light and spacious, and I could fit in my organizer, a water bottle, my make up pouch + brush, wallet, key pouch and everything else... And still have space in it.

I like how the blue can go well with all sorts of colours I wear. :)

Here's another bag I'd definitely grab next:

The Dae Bucket Bag ($30) in fuschia pink - how can anyone resist!? I also like the metallic studs at the fringe. It kinda makes this entire pinkish bag punkish and edgy. *LIKE*

By the way, this item is in its last piece so if you like it, it's time to buy it!

Here's another bag in a psychedelic colour. Pair the Julie Bucket Bag ($27) with some red/yellow and you'd be a walking colour block! :)

LOVE the colour combi.

Grab these beautiful apparels and bags now because for all thesuper-girl's readers, all you need to do is to quote: PATHESUPERGIRLSG10 during check out and you get to have a 10% off!

For more exciting launches and news, do follow Perry Amber:

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