[Adv] Lip Ice Sheer Colour

Monday, September 05, 2011

Mentholatum has recently launched new derivatives of the super popular Lip Ice Sheer Colour, THE lipbalm that changed the perception of how any lip balms should be when it first launched.

Thanks to both Mentholatum and thesamplestore, I received both the Strawberry flavoured and the Shimmer lip moisturizer to test it out.

Here's me, looking rather pale without any lip colour nor blusher on. The only make up I had for the day was some compact powder and my eyeliner (which I can never live without!). With Lipice, you can look pretty good without the use of any lipsticks - which is rather amazing to me.

I picked out the Strawberry flavoured one to test.

Looking pretty ordinary with a pale-cream stick when we turn it out, but somehow... when it touches your lips...

It frickin' turned pink! And quite an obvious shade I must say!

Didn't this bright pink hue brighten up my entire complexion, just like that? I didn't even do anything much - I didn't choose any lips shade, I didn't apply multiple coats either. All I did was to apply across my dry lips just like how I'd use it for any other lip balm.

Although I'd say... this Lipice Sheer Colour doesn't exactly have a sheer colour, it definitely is a good 2-in-1 that I'd pop in my bag to use it when I am in need of a burst of colour on my face. :)

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  1. hey....i recently got one sheer colour..apparently i din like it much. The price is too high and its the same product that lip ice sold for Rs.35 last year ans now its freaking 190 bucks. I am not really sure if it contains the claimed bee wax ans aleo vera to protect the lips. How much is the Sun protection?

  2. Hey! You look so pretty haha! :) thanks for sharing the info ^^


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