2011, Our 3rd Year

Thursday, September 29, 2011

To be honest, I don't know what to write about our anniversary LOL.

Not because it doesn't mean anything anymore, but rather... it's like the closer it is to you, the more you don't feel like sharing it kinda feeling.

This year marks the 3rd year of us being together. Just a few months more and he'd officially be the guy that I'm seeing for the longest time. (Hahaha some kinda award, anybody???)

Despite the length of time, I always, always don't feel that I have been with this man for so many years already! It still feels like we were in our first/second year, where I still learn a lot of things about/from him.. but he knows me through and through. (another award there, I s'pose!)

We spent the actual day working before meeting up at a Cafe Cartel near our home.

Btw, Cafe Cartel doesn't serve free flow breads anymore! :(

I was massively hungry and wanted to order some mega appetizer plate that had nuggets, onion rings and all sorts of junk food you can find on planet Earth.

But my husband said no. So... I ordered a mega fish fillet burger to make it up.

If you complete a meal, they would give you a plate of mediocre Cream of Mushrooms and three miserable slices of garlic bread.

Maybe because of the rising costs... all breads have shrunk to a pathetic size wtf.

After a rather expensive yet only somewhat satisfying meal, we headed off to catch Johnny English.

Gotta thank the husband for buying the tickets in advance, because the cinema was almost full when we reached!

If you havent caught Johnny English, you should. It's dead funny... I almost died laughing.

And this... is my favourite part of the whole show. :P

Won't reveal too much spoiler here, but just go watch it. It will definitely perk you up on a bad working day. :D

Wah seh, major updates consecutively for 3 days. I hope this makes up for my MIA for the past 10 days!

And if you'd like, I've actually done up a page on our wedding vendors... right at the top. Do show some love to our sponsors! :)

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