Very Fishy Day.

Friday, August 05, 2011

Yesterday, after getting better from my bout of vomiting spells and that uncomfortable stomach, Nian brought me to Rainbow Aquarium for some fresh air.

You see, our friend, Ben, runs the farm with his family. Despite knowing him for a few years, I've never visited their farm before. So since I was on MC and therefore had a bit of time, Nian decided to bring me on an excursion trip. :P

Rainbow Aquarium sells a huge range of fishes, from Arowanas to Bettas, Lionhead goldfishes, angel fishes... and one of my favourite, Discus Fish!

Especially this one. I love how the lines run on them, and how pretty in red they are. :) Ben, like a good tour guide, explained that these Discus Fishes are really hard to rare wtf. You need to:

- change water every single day
- put them by themselves (i.e. you can't mix them with other fishes cuz they are anti-social like that)
- have about 7 of them MAXIMUM in a tank because they need their "space", like a spoiled teenage kid wtf x 2
- ensure that no one knocks on their tanks cuz they get scared really easily -__- and they turn black when they are scared and would fall sick when that happens. -_____________-

Moving on to less troublesome fishes, we also saw the Clown Fish (which we all lovingly call Nemo.). Do you know that these Nemos actually swim around in a group? I definitely didn't know!

I thought Nemos only swim with their over-protective fathers. Or some scarred angel fish and a stupid starfish or something. D:

Ben explained that the biggest Nemo in the group will then naturally become the "Queen" by turning into a darker shade of orange than the rest of the Nemos! This "Queen" will then be in charge of laying Nemo eggs.

Bet you didn't know that!

I was also very intrigued by the hermit crabs. :P To be honest, I've never seen a hermit crab before. Where do they hide anyway? In the sand? I always see crabs with proper shells, but these ones that change their "houses" are really hard to spot don't you think so?

Apart from the Nemos and the hermit crabs, there's another fish that I think is cute - the Domino Fishes. Completely black, they have this white little dot on their heads. And they dart around really quickly!

Here's a picture of the Domino Fish I found off the net.

We headed to Farmart for some BBQ seafood and kangkong goodness after the tour. The food was so-so, a little expensive for such a secluded area actually. The stingray was crazy spicy, while the chicken wings were too tough.

Not to say, their service was really, really, really, REALLY terrible. I mean, wtf? How can a waitress leave 3 plates of rice on our table, one stacked on top of another? The next joker came along and left the plate of sambal sotong on Ben's wallet.


Guess the only "saving grace" was the durian feast after dinner - NOT.

After much bargaining and tasting, the boys went back with 3 boxes of durians with most of them not spectecularly fantastic.

Guess what really saved the night was the company and the never-ending topics they talk about. I particularly like to hear the stupid things they did in poly, which always makes me laugh no matter how many times I hear them. I like the story about how the guys went in as underdogs for some frisbee competition, and they went all the way to the finals and shocking everyone. It makes me so proud of my hubbalubba!


Because they live in a farm, the area around Ben's house were filled with random fruit trees. Like cherry trees, for example.

I never knew cherries can be grown in Singapore wtf. They also have a garden of aloe vera (which the maid extracted and made honey water with it for us). One of the weirdass trees, there's one that grew the "Magic Berry". Sounds like a drug that would make you high or something LOL.

The magical thing about this "Magic Berry" is that after you've eaten this, everything else would taste sweet after that.

I'm not sure how true this is, Nian had durians after that but he didn't have any good reviews about the durians either, lol. Besides, the "Magic Berry" looks uncannily like a baby tomato.

In that farm, there's also a very nicely furnished KTV room - fully carpeted, 2 fish tanks with goldfishes and another with some tiny schools of fishes, a dunno-how-many-inch flat screen TV, a Kbox karaoke system.... and a freakin beer dispenser.

Didn't try dispensing beer because we drove in there - advocates of no drinking and driving ok. :)

We played poker though. It was probably my first few times playing (my friends taught me once or twice, but I never really bother to remember the mechanics of the game, much less the "tactics" behind it) but it was fun!

Thank goodness the boys were pretty patient with me. And for that...

Iz wonz allz theirz moneyzzzzz!!!

More trips back to the farm please, I wanna pluck their Kang Kong in the farm the next time!

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