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Saturday, August 06, 2011

As I'm typing right now, I'm slapping on the Vita Whitebeam Essential Mask from Serenity Allure.

Erm, okay. Not a very nice photo, I must admit - but who looks nice in masks anyway???

Thanks to Serenity Allure, I get to enjoy the two different masks - Vita Whitebeam (in orange) and N.M.F. Aqua Ringer.

Basically, these two masks belong to two different groups - the Vita Whitebeam is an Essential Mask that can brighten and clear complexion (very useful for ladies with pigmentation), while the N.M.F Aqua Ringer is an Ampoule Mask.

These two masks also do different functions: Vita Whitebeam works to lighten up the freckles on my face and the N.M.F Aqua Ringer then provides intensive hydration, balancing the sebum production and tightening the pores in the process.

I like the masks because it is really thin. In fact, out of so many different types of masks I've reviewed, I dare to say that the masks from Leaders Clinic has one of the thinnest ones I've worn.

This makes it really comfortable to wear and prance around the room (which I often do - masks + light housework is a pretty good combination for me), and it won't peel off easily because it is so light and thin.

It doesn't have any strong smell too, so it is good for skin that are sensitive to fragrance. The lack of scent isn't a big problem for me (sometimes I prefer scented masks, especially lavender ones because they put me to sleep really easily), as long as they don't smell chemical, if you get what I mean.

Apart from the masks, Serenity Allure also sells Sulfur Blackhead Suction Nose Pad.

Sulfur is the oldest known acne treatment. It is able to reduce skin oiliness (that is caused by clogged pores) and also solving the root of the problem - unclogging pores.

The Nose Pad also contains charcoal, which is beneficial in relieving skin inflammation and bacterial infection. Charcoal is also widely used in medications when a patient is poisoned, or bitten by poisonous snakes.

I would recommend you guys and girls to only use this Blackhead Suction Nose Pad probably once a week, or maximum twice a week as Sulfur causes skin irritation when you use it excessively.

The most common side effects to Sulfur is drying, peeling, redness, burning and skin irritation. They tend to be worse when you first begin - just regulate the number of times you use it, I'm sure its benefits would definitely outweigh its cons. :)

Did I also mention that Serenity Allure also sent me a little underwear pouch? I think this is extremely nifty for an overseas trip! (Don't need to bury my underwear under my clothes already, hehehe.)


Do check out their entire range of Essential and Ampoule Masks. I can't wait for their very interesting 2-step Ampoule Masks, which they are bringing in very soon, to give maximum boost to those tired skin! Maybe this time, I'd try their firming and lifting mask. :D

There are also sun-care products, if you're interested. There are products suitable for children, adults and even users with sensitive skin.

All of these products are retailing in Guardian, and coming soon in Sephora!

To win yourselves some product giveaway this August (*cough* my favourite month!), simply LIKE Leaders Clinic and Serenity Allure Facebook page.

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