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Monday, August 01, 2011

This is a really, really backdated entry - haven't had time to post this up at all, and I'm glad I did it now! :)

Roughly a month (or two?) back, Elaine, Laien, Daen, Ted, Zhou Ying and I hung out at this new Chinese restaurant in Marina Bay Sands. I had such a lovely time fine-dining in Chinese (first time!), I almost didn't want to leave my dinner table. :P

Daeny and I were the first to arrive, so we started scrutinizing the menu to make mental note which were the dishes we'd definitely have to try!

We were also seated in a quiet corner of the restaurant, which was good because that way, we can laugh, talk and giggle without disturbing the peace of everyone else. (Yes, when there's Daen and I, that place can hardly be quiet, I think!)

Can I say that I absolutely love the 3D fishes on the wall??? =D

Each of us were served an appetizer each before our orders begin. There will be different appetizers each day - so do keep a look out for it when you head down! :)

I like my little octopus though - chewy, crunchy and slightly sweet.

I was also very amused with the array of onions, dunno-what, sugar and plum sauce. I got even more excited when the waitress told us that it was for their signature duck later on...!

I'm honestly not a fan of ducks, especially those that comes with duck rice. I find them too tough for my liking, and very often carry this *funky* smell that I don't really appreciate.

Restaurant-done ducks, however, tend to taste a little different. I don't know why! I'm definitely not spoiled but don't you guys have to agree that Peking duck tastes significantly better than Yu Kee Duck Rice??? D:

Ok, ducks aside for the moment - we had this Black Pepper Blue Crab served with Kailan and it was nomzzzzz. My hubba always say that the best part of the crab ain't its claws, but its legs but I disagree.


Well, I guess it's kinda good this way - we'll never need to fight over who eats which part. :P

The star of the night arrived! (Notice Zhou Ying isn't the star of the night hahahahahhaa! All of us were salivating at the duck, really!)

The duck was served in three different portion. The first portion was the skin with a slight inclusion of meat. We were to eat that with the warmed up "popiah skin", together with the whole range of condiments mentioned earlier.

All of these ducks were specially charcoal-grilled so it's really, really crispy on the outside and tender on the inside. I really wonder what they did to get rid of that funky smell.....

Other dishes included Steamed Soon Hock, Stir-fried Spinach and Pork Ribs in Raspberry sauce.

Pictures and gossips time after the really fulfilling dinner. :D

Some friends have actually asked me how Zhou Ying is like in real life. Is she as helpless as she was in Breakout, or is she as evil as she is in Devotion?

To be honest, I think she's neither. In fact, I think she's so much fun to be with, I cannot help but feel shocked when I watch her on "Ah-Di". It's like, "OMG Zhou Ying! I don't believe it's you!"

Some viewers said that her acting deteriorated, but really, I think she's fine. I mean, this is the first time she's acting as someone evil. Give her a bit more time, I'm sure she'd look even more evil than she is in Devotion!

And don't say I'm siding her ok. I've heard people scolding her (character) online already - calling her disgusting, annoying.. and what have you. So that means, she isn't that bad in acting, right? At least there are people who got so immersed in the show to really dislike her. Hehehe.

Do give Paradise Pavilion a try if you're around MBS and there is an occasion worth celebrating! I'm sure you won't regret their quality of food. :)

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  1. Is the food there really expensive? How much did it cost for the whole dinner?

  2. It costs about $800 for 6 of us, for 5 dishes. So it's an average of about $27 per dish per person. :)


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