Nian's Birthday Celebration

Thursday, August 25, 2011

About a month before Nian's birthday, I was asking around for nice places that I could bring him to. Eventually, I settled for Todai at Marina Bay Sands Shoppes because Irwin was telling me about their sashimi and their Snow Crabs - something that Nian loves!

We took a long stroll along the boulavard before our dinner. It was great! Nice wind, no sun and loads of people jogging around the area. :D

It was quite intimidating when we stepped into Todai because their entrance was really pretty huge, it made us feel small. LOL. When we stepped in, we were wow-ed by their range of food: There were Japanese (sashimi, sushi, snow crabs...), Korean, Western, Churrasco, Dim Sum, desserts and drinks. (Including a bar that serves alcohol as well).

It was almost like walking to a food court and someone tells you that you can order whatever you want and not pay. :P

We had to split into three rounds to try most of the food in Todai. We had Western and all in the first round - which was when we were slightly disappointed because the food was rather mediocre. It was something that I could easily prepare at home for probably 1% of the price.

To rave: Try their potato gratin, it is one of the nicest food I've had there. The mushroom stew was not bad too, but the rest of the deep fried food, as I've mentioned before, I'd suggest you guys to give it a miss. Pretty much a waste of calories I'd say.

Even the cheese-topped shrimp (which honestly sounds really delicious) was mediocre. I had a hard time detaching the flesh from the shell too. :(

We had Japanese and Korean the second round, and we came back with the highly-raved Snow Crabs, sushi, sashimi, gyoza, dim sum...

This plate of dim-sum was probably the worst dim-sum I've ever had. It was worse than... frozen dim sum that is reheated in a microwave oven. The skin is thick, it is sticky... and it has no taste at all.

Gosh. Todai should stop doing dim sum please.

On happier news, their chocolate soft-serve is pretty yumz. So are their pizzas.

In all, to pay $56++ per pax for Todai, I'd say it's a little too overrated. The ambiance is so-so, nothing fantastic. Snow Crabs were in fact better in Kuishinbo. Sashimi is relatively fresh, so are the sushi - you can expect this to be better than Sakae Sushi and probably on par with Ichiban.

Don't bother trying their fried food, dim sum and Creme Brulee.

I feel so bad bringing Nian to such a sub-standard restaurant for his birthday. :( I think I should make it up to him, right!?

Ok maybe I'll cook. :P

But Happy Birthday, love! No matter how bad the food is, you know it won't be that bad when we have one another. Hehe.

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