[Adv] Last Session with Marie France Bodyline

Sunday, August 14, 2011

While I'm still on the quest of losing weight, this will be my last session with Marie France Bodyline! I'm extremely thankful for their expertise, helping me losing kilos, just before I fit into my wedding dress. :)

If you were to ask me, Marie France Bodyline is definitely a place you can try, if you're unhappy with how your body looks. With not only the high-end technology that they use on us, they also have very knowledgeable therapists and nutritionists that you can count on for a successful weight loss!

This time, my therapists decided to target my tummy AND my thighs. For my last session, the treatment focused a lot more on my tummy. Of course, the more (places they target) the merrier!

Each session is about 2 hours' long, so the therapists will usually ask you if you need to head to the toilet to wee-wee first. So here's me in front of the full-length mirror after my... erm. Wee-wee. :D

In combination with my own calorie-counting and Marie France, by the second treatment, I was already sporting a measurement of:

Waist: 27" (down 1.75")
Tummy: 32" (down 2.75")
Hips: 39" (down 1.5")
Thighs: 23" each (down 1.75")

Not bad for a start eh?! :D

Tummy & Thigh Massage Treatment

Before we begin any treatment, it is necessary to change into their robes so that you don't stain your clothes with the serum and lotion. If the serum can shrink you into a smaller size, just imagine what it will do to your dress. (ok, just kidding)

I was led into a room with TWO therapists this time, who then explained that they will be massaging my tummy to break down the fats into smaller bits so that they can be more efficiently metabolized.

So they started. And I giggled. It was so ticklish!

"Wait till you go later into the treatment!" my therapists warned.

On and on, the two ladies rubbed and massaged. I feel like a piece of pork getting marinated for the BBQ party later, except that it really felt really comfortable.....

Until they reached my thighs.

I yelled... because it was so freakin' painful!

(I think that's why someone tweeted that they heard me with my high-pitched voice. Hahaha! Sorry, maybe you'd be more gungho than I am!)

I regretted giggling when they massaged my tummy immediately. :X

For the next few minutes where therapist A targetted my right thigh and therapist B on my left, I howled non-stop as those fats broke down into tiny pieces.

The Hot-Blanket Treatment

After loosening up the fats, I was brought into another room, where it became a hundred times more bearable and comfortable.

The hot-blanket room, I'd call it.

Basically, I was told to lie down on the treatment bed, where there were heat pads wrapped around my arms, tummy and thighs. My therapist then wrapped me up further and covered me with the blanket, and the treatment began.

The heat will increase my body's metabolism, breaking down the loosened fats from the massage session earlier, thereby achieving overall body sculpting.

I took a short nap while at it, and then I left the centre, happy and somewhat slimmer than who I was when I first stepped in.

So there you go! My experience with Marie France Bodyline. Once again, I'd like to thank MFB for the opportunity to try out a series of therapies and experienced such high-tech weight-loss machines and received so much knowledge in keeping my body slim and fit.

Definitely looking forward to more Marie France sessions!

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