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Sunday, August 28, 2011

If you're already bored out by my birthday entries (this one is the third one for me, and the fourth one in this blog for August LOL), I promise this will be the last bit of my birthday celebration.... until next year. :P (unless I meet up with my Tuesday Girls.... LOL)

The last bit of celebration has to be with none other than Hubba Tan, who did a lot of homework this year and shortlisted four different yummy restaurants that are well-known for crabs. :) Out of four, I picked No. 3 Crabs along Outram Park for our dinner.

No. 3 Crabs are well-known for their butter crabs, but apart from that, they also sell some other, I'd say, rather "side" dishes.. like pig trotters.

They also serve interesting appetizers. While I was expecting the usual peanuts (or sometimes, the lack of appetizers), they served thin sliced bitter gourd with maple syrup. Nian likes it, he thinks it was refreshing, but not me. It was too bitter for me, even after dipping it in the maple syrup.

Didn't know what to order, so we settled for our usual trustworthy kailan with garlic.

Tried their Bak Kut Teh as well, which tasted pretty yummy. It's kinda pepperish, which I like. For $8, you get two rows of ribs + unlimited refills of the soup. I wish they would sell those you-tiao to go with the soup!

Finally, the star of the dinner - Butter Crabs!

The crab meat was pretty succulent, although I wish that the butter aroma would be absorbed into the chewy meat. I love how smooth the butter sauce is and how delicious it was when we dipped it with our deep fried buns.

And very thoughtful of them to give us plastic aprons so that we won't stain our clothes! I'd love it more if it's cloth though - more environmentally friendly, and I can just wipe my hands on them. Hehe.

Presents this year:

Received a new Lacoste watch from my brother-in-law this year, which is one half of a couple watch with Nian. I think one good thing about sharing birthdays that are close-by, is that you receive a lot of presents together, and therefore couply. LOL.

And knowing that I'm such a bookworm, Nian surprised me with a Kindle. With all my books downloaded and he topped it up with a $30 credit to let me buy any books I like! <3

Thank you, the two Tans, for putting in so much effort for me. :) And of course, my whole list of friends who bothered to drop me a birthday note!

At this age, I guess birthdays to me are not always about presents and surprise parties. It's also about people who even bother to wish you a happy day. I mean, your friendship isn't that cheap to be measured by the price of the gift, right? :)

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