[Adv] Have A Happy Period

Wednesday, August 24, 2011

I know, this is so cliche from Whisper's commercial but really, apart from having a good pad to secure your flow every month, there are also other, little things that will make period more enjoyable.

Getting rid of that annoying cramp will be one!

There are several ways to get rid of those persistant cramps:

1. Avoid cold drinks one week before your menses arrive.
Somehow, Chinese believe that if you were to drink anything cold or 'cooling', it constricts your uterus. The constriction causes that squeezing pain you have all the time. Drinking warm water will allow it to 'relax', and therefore you'd feel more comfortable.

2. Exercising
Apparently, exercising can release those endorphines to not only chase your PMS blues away, it also helps to keep the nasty cramps away.

3. Eating Healthier Foods
Eating food with high sugar level like ice creams, cakes and soft drinks increases the amount of insulin in your blood. Insulin will cause your uterus lining to be even thicker - resulting in a heavier flow that may possibly come with cramps.

4. Drinking ChocoMarvel

Apart from points 1 to 3, maybe you should consider ChocoMarvel as a choice of health supplement as your period draws near.

Entirely made from natural plant extracts such as Chasteberry extracts, Angelica extracts, Ginger extracts etc, ChocoMarvel boasts to be able to relieve us ladies from not only menstral cramps, but also relieves bloating, replenishes iron loss, improve facial complexion, maintain hormones levels and decreasing irritability and discomfort.

True to its name, ChocoMarvel is a chocolate-flavoured drink that tastes rather like Milo, with a bit of 'gingery' taste to it. Mixing it with hot water makes it a very comfortable drink to indulge during those painful days - doesn't matter where you are.

(Of course, don't we ALL wish that we can be lying down, snuggling underneathe the sheets when the menses comes knocking?)

Get a free sample sachet of ChocoMarvel before you commit to buy them at ChocoMarvel's Facebook Page. The box of ChocoMarvel costs $19.90 per box and it's available at John Little, Sasa, Guardian, OG, Utility, Watson's and Robinson.

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