Happy Birthday Papa Chan!

Tuesday, August 09, 2011

My dad is a very busy man. Since I was young, he works until late at night. Sometimes, I wouldn't get to talk to him for days, just because he'd be asleep when I wake up for school, and I'd be asleep when he comes back home from work.

As such, we spend very little time as compared to other "ordinary" families - families with dads working only on the weekdays, and would be home by 8PM latest. We spent so little time together, even haters used it against me - "Her family? Always not there for her, not interested."

I don't blame him though. If not for his busy schedule, I would never have grown to be such an independent woman because I'm a daddy's girl through and through. I'd rely on my dad on every single thing if I could help it, because he'd never say no to me. :P

This 8 of August not only marks my first wedding anniversary with Nian, it is also both Papa Chan and Papa Tan's birthday.

I know Papa Chan would probably never ever see this space, but I'm always thankful for everything he has given and done, along with my mom.

Although you're always busy at work, although people talk bad about you because they dislike me, it doesn't matter. Because I'm happy and contented that I have a dad like you, even though you have very little hair.

They say, "No grass grows on busy roads, no hair grows on clever heads." This is very, very true.

Happy birthday once again Papa Chan. :)

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