The First Celebration

Monday, August 22, 2011

Fresh from the camera! My colleagues just had me cut the cake, after having the whole office singing me a birthday song. Hehehe.

One of my favourite cakes - the Blueberry Cheesecake from Secret Recipe. Another one that would totally make my day would be Pine Garden's Lychee Martini cake. And yes! Jac is Super hahahaha wtf totally apt. :P

I think our pantry's lighting gives us all bulbous nose and we all look yellowish.... Even the cake doesn't look one bit yummy, don't you think so?

We had lunch at one of my favourite cafes around our work place as well - Vanilla Cafe serves really good Molten Chocolate Cake so urm... today's quite an overload of cakes, cakes and cakes. :P

Nian bought me Black Forest Cake from Pine Garden yesterday too, so I think this August is a perfect month to get sugar rush from all the yummy food I'm gonna indulge in.. in the name of my birthday. *cough cough*

So excited holding my cake until I scraped off the cream from the entire side of the cake. D:

Thanks for the cake once again, Vibes Kids!! And that awesome, awesome birthday card that I cannot upload because... if I do, I think all hell will break loose. LOL.

I'm off for crabs with Hubba Tan now! More posts... hopefully when I get to sit down proper again.


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