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Saturday, August 13, 2011

How very true is this quote, I must say. :)

On Monday, we headed to Changi Village Hotel, where we solemnized our marriage the very day, last year. I kinda like it very much that our wedding anniversary is on 8 August, because the next day we'd definitely get a public holiday! Hehehe.

If I have to choose my Top 3 hotels in Singapore, I think Changi Village Hotel will come in the list even though it is not any 5-star hotels that would cost thousands to stay a night.

Quiet and unassuming, its location itself is already a plus-point for couples like us who don't like to be in the right smack of town. Instead, we prefer quaint places where we could go for long walks at Changi Beach nearby, and so many yummy eateries around the area we could sink our teeth into!

Besides, the rooms are spacious, clean and bright. The staff were all superbly friendly, and the food, absolutely yummy. There's really nothing I can complain about CVH, apart from their terrible decorator whom they outsourced.

Maybe, we could take a bum-boat to Pulau Ubin for a day of cycling for our second anniversary! That surely sounds fun. Heh. :)


Because we were only staying for one night, Nian and I decided that a Deluxe room at $230 per night would suffice for us. This is not inclusive of breakfast, but I think, it's nice to head out to have Nasi Lemak at the hawker centre for breakfast instead.

While checking in, I broke into a small talk with Bryan, the manager. I told him that we plan to go back CVH every year to celebrate our anniversary, and this was our first year into the plan.

He then gave us a free upgrade to the Premier Suite!

I know that free upgrades are pretty common in hotels, but surely we can still be appreciative of his kind gestures, right? Afterall, he could have just wished us a good anniversary, and be busy with his own things. He didn't need to give us a complimentary upgrade, but he did.

Opening the room door was an ecstatic experience because we won't know what we get until we head in to explore. But boy, the Premier Suite definitely doesn't disappoint. :)

We stepped into this humongous living room with a squashy sofa seat, an office table for serious work and a 42" TV for you to watch while being serious at work.

"Wow, looks like we are not gonna utilize this, this year man." Nian said.

Last year, we were upgraded to the Executive Suite and had the Tuesdays Girls and their partners over, after our ROM. All 10 of us in the living room munching my favourite lychee martini cakes and watching TV. NICE!

Turning out from the living room is where the entrance is, complete with a peekaboo window from the shower room, and the corridor to our MASSIVE bedroom.

Before you actually reach the bedroom, you'd meet yourself at the super long full-length mirror along the corridor.

I was wearing my new dress, with compliments to Amelie-Anne! Last few pieces in sizes S & M in pink (the rest are all sold out), so last chance if you'd wanna have the same dress as I'm wearing. :D

Ok, more on the dress later!

Finally, the bedroom! Complete with a pink balcony and sofa seats in the most fashionable colour this season, zomg!

TV set and mini bar below - how can we not love watching TV in bed? :)

Let's go to the toilet:

Spacious and brightly lit, there's not only a shower area (where you could look out to the entrance earlier), there is also...


The bathtub is one of the must-haves when we go for a staycation or holiday because we love soaking in bubble baths. Hehehe.

Most of the time, we would soak for so long, our fingers and toes become wrinkled but we'd still be happy. I mean, it's really a fantastic time to talk, listen to love songs.. basically to connect again after the crazy working schedules on normal days.

You should try it too! We bought this mega-sized vanilla flavour bubble bath soap from some random shop once, and the whole bathroom smelled like vanilla cupcakes after the bath, every single time. Yum!

We wanted to settle our dinner at La Cantina (where we had our dinner last year, and fell in love with their crabmeat linguine), but because it was a Monday, they were closed. But that's alright! We had some pretty smashingly good tse-char along the road and bought loads of nonsense junk food back to munch, while watching movies.

It was a really simple night out, but it's exactly something so simple like this, yet we found so much joy - that we know that we've married the right people. Each other. :)


Here's another look at the Crystabelle Dress from Amelie-Anne that I wore for our anniversary. I'm really quite surprised with how I looked in the dress, because I didn't think I'd look this... cute, in puffy, three-quarter sleeves. Hehe.

I also like the black-lined collar, it somehow accentuates my neck and collarbone, making it look really crisp yet lady-like at the same time. Definitely a piece to keep!

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  1. thats a really nice dress! chio chio! ;)

  2. Haha thanks girls! :D

    Shiro, I hope your jeans is getting dryer by the minute! <3

  3. i like changi village hotel too... cozy and far away from the crowd, yet at a cheap price! :)

  4. Haha! $300+ not very cheap also, but I guess this is the rate in SG!

    I hope to try the Sentosa Resort.. the one right upstairs with private jacuzzi. Hehehe.


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