Another Birthday Post, LOL

Friday, August 26, 2011

I knowwwwwww!!! But I cannot help it since our birthdays are so close to one another and we celebrated it with quite a couple of friends, so... loads of photos and updates. :p hehehe

Insisting for a picture cuz I was wearing Amelie-Anne's Soffieanne Dress in pink, heh!

Over the weekend, Laien and I headed to Paradise Dynasty to celebrate my birthday. Honestly, I never knew ION had quite a number of delicious resturarants to try, until Laien brought me around. And if you are not as mountain-tortoise as me, you'd know that Paradise Dynasty is well known for their multi-coloured xiao long baos.

And, on a totally random note, I really hate it when my bangs decide to divide on its own. It makes me look utterly ridiculous and ugly. Urgh.

Laien treated me to an array of dishes - from the signature colourful xiao long baos to the dumplings in red vinegar, crab meat served with vinegar (vinegar again!) and a sunny side up... and finally a pan-fried red bean pancake to end off the dinner.

I was almost exploding by the end of the dinner. *burp*

The colourful xiao long baos were quite interesting because apart from its different colours, it also came in different flavours. And that's not all, you actually have to eat them according to order.

I think I like the garlic flavoured one the most, and Sze Chuan and Ginseng are competing to be the worst-tasting among the 8 balls. *green faced*

Ok, to be fair, I don't really appreciate the taste of ginseng. Regardless of how beneficial they are supposed to be for our body. The moment the ginseng soup in the xiao long bao hit my tongue, I wanted to gag. D: And the same goes for Sze Chuan. It was like.. overly spicy and sour, it didn't taste like I was eating xiao long bao by my third chew.....

Among all the dishes, you'd be surprised that the best tasting one ain't the signature dumplings, neither is it those vinegar dishes. In fact, it was the pan-fried red bean pancake that was the saving grace. It was awesome!

Laien then brought me to Cold Stone Creamery down Somerset for even more desserts. LOL.

I went through a lot to get this scoop of delicious ice-cream, by the way.

You see, you can actually request those fun staff from Cold Stone to throw you the ice-cream, and you catch the ice-cream ball with your cup.

Here's my first try:

As you can see, the ball went past my shoulders. So fail.

Second try: Thinking that it would be easier for the staff to throw into my cup when I held it nearer to him..... You go see the result yourself.

Fail again. -___________-

Finally, I told them, "Last try last try! If you don't get it in, you just put it in for me without throwing. I give upppppp."

It flew over my head and hit the wall behind FMLMAX.

The ice-cream boy was also quite poor thing, cuz he needed to redo the ice-cream like four times, before I get to eat it clean and nice. LOLOL.

And it tastes really great! Much better than Ben & Jerrys, in my opinion!

Thanks for the birthday treat, Laien! And of course, listening to me complain about people and giving me wise advices. :P

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