Amused, Flattered but somewhat Disgusted.

Wednesday, August 03, 2011

I had a "relationship" with a guy when I was 18. Not exactly a relationship per se, it's something like a "let's hang out for the moment" kinda thing.

The guy then disappeared out of the blue. I moved on, without knowing what really happened.

7 years later, he reappeared, married, and spoke to me via Gmail chat.

Cutting long story short, he has the intention of "hanging out" again. Despite that commitment ring on his fourth finger. Despite knowing that I, too, am married and happy with whatever I have.

I am amused and flattered - "wow, you came back after 7 years, and finally got it that you shouldn't have left in the first place? Too late, dude. But thanks. Taking it as a compliment." 

If I could turn back time, I wouldn't have been such a naive 18-year-old girl, committed to a relationship that never existed.

I'd probably leech him dry and then disappear on him or something, haha.

Then, the disgust kicked in - he has had probably known me for 8 years and counting, but how can it not ever occur to him that I'd never cheat? Did he not know me enough? Did he think that I'd be back by his side as soon as he appears again?

And that, made me disappointed. No, perhaps insulted would be a better word.

You know what? This entire proposal to hang out just destroyed any residual friendship I tried to have with him. He didn't respect my husband, he didn't respect me and most importantly, he doesn't respect his wife.

It made me angry that I've had wasted 30 minutes of my time talking to a guy who never really came back for a friendship; a guy who probably has problem staying loyal, or a guy who has problem making the right choices (just look at that mistake for leaving years ago lol).

Perhaps sometimes, the past should just stay in the past. And yes, I blocked him from every channel to getting in contact with me.

What a day.

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