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Tuesday, August 02, 2011

Thanks to the kind people from SkinLab Medical Spa, I was invited to test out their latest Aqua Peel Facial.

SkinLab Medical Spa is located at the fourth floor of Wheelock Place, right beside the escalator. When I stepped into SkinLab, I felt different - it wasn't an ordinary 'facial place', as I'd call it!

It didn't take the staff too long to get me filled up on a questionnaire to understand my lifestyle more. Shortly after, my therapist, Sandy, brought me into the very-conducive treatment room and I was covered in thick quilt cover. +50 points!

As I attended the Singapore Blog Awards prior to my appointment with SkinLab, I had some make-up on. Sandy then proceeded to remove my make up, followed by a relaxing facial wash.

I love how a facial wash is not just a facial wash at SkinLab. In fact, Sandy coupled it with several good massages at the right acupuncture point, making me relaxed and comfortable almost immediately.

Having a clean face for Sandy to start her work on, here comes the 'star' for the day - the Aqua ST system.

This system is the latest skin treatment that can painlessly cleanse, exfoliate, extract and hydrate the skin simultaneously. Because of its non-invasive quality, we can achieve optimum results without suffering from possible complications and discomfort from other invasive procedures.

This Aqua ST system is also suitable for people with sensitive skin, as it does not use crystals or other abrasive particles that may irritate our delicate skin surface.

Most importantly, the Aqua Spiral Tip is uniquely designed to effectively remove sebum and exfoliate the skin evenly.

There are three different types of serum one can choose from:

  • AS - The Aqua ST AS (All-Skin) Solution cleans the skin deeply while softening sebum and impurities to aid in extractions. It assists in dislodging dead cells for exfoliation and provides residual hydration that aids in firming and smoothing fine lines.
  • SA - The Aqua ST SA (Salicylic Acid) Solution is specially formulated for oily and acne prone skin. It active ingredients include Pentylene Glycol and Spirea Ulmaria Extract to penetrate the pores and dislodge dead cells for exfoliation.
  • AO - The Aqua ST AO (Anti-Oxidant) Solution is formulated with stabilized Vitamins A, E & White Tea Extract to combat free radicals and environmental damage to the skin cells.

Despite not having an oily and acne-proned skin, Sandy recommended me to go through the SA Solution because I have oily T-zone and I have rather clogged pores. The active ingredients will be able to dislodge the dead cells, so that I'd have even smaller pores than I have now. :D

The SA Solution is also tested positive for visible progressive lightening of hyper pigmentation, so yay to disappearing freckles!

She went in an upwards manner, pulling my skin against gravity to prevent sagging. I felt a little suction as Sandy ran the tip across my face - it is not painful, in fact, rather soothing. I could feel blood actually rushing down... sometimes a little warm, and maybe, I think I did blush a little.

She also ran the tip under my eye. Sandy said that I have a rather weak blood circulation around my eyes, which resulted in dark eye rings. The Aqua ST System will be able to help me improve blood circulation, thereby removing the stubborn rings.

After dislodging all the debris from my pores, Sandy then proceeded to something that I am most afraid of - squeezing white heads. T_____T

While it is still painful (I've to tell you I've got zero tolerance in terms of white-head squeezing and eyebrow threading), removing white heads has never been a quicker and more complete process than this.

And... it is nice to have a therapist who finds a sense of satisfaction when she can completely uproot all your white heads. While I was begging her to stop, this nice lady had to bear with my constant groaning so that I get a perfect complexion. Hehehe.

I ended my 1.5-hour long therapy with a Lemon mask, which smelled really citrus-y! It is supposed to have whitening effect.... So you guys be the judge:

Definitely lighter eye-circles, yes? :D Did you also notice that Sandy plucked my brows for me too? (more tearing and squealing, yes.)

This Aqua Peel Facial costs $268 on normal days, or on days when you don't read my blog.

On days where you read thesuper-girl.com, here's a deal for you!

-         30min SkinLab  Aqua Peel           : *$38 (no mask)
-         90min SkinLab Aqua Peel            : *$98 (mask, light extraction, and light face massage)

Oh my God, such a good deal! Remember to quote "Jacqualine" when you make an appointment. Offer ends 31 August 2011 and to first-time customers only.

For appointments, please call 6235 3246. More information, please visit www.skinlabmedspa.com.

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  1. Singapore Blog Awards? Gotta google that.

    Your facial looked great!

  2. Hi Michelle!

    Thanks! Glad that you're enjoying your stay in Singapore too. :)

    If you'd like to know about the Singapore Blog Awards, you can visit this link: http://sgblogawards.omy.sg/

    It is conducted by the Singapore Press Holdings (which is one of the two major publications in SG).

    Btw, your babies look adorable!


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