Vibes Kids Goes Steamboat

Tuesday, July 19, 2011

Actually, there are a lot, a lot of entries waiting for me to update BUT this week has been a leetle-beet crazy~~!

I spent the last Tuesday out with the Tuesdays Girls, then brought both Mama Chan and Mama Tan to have their evening dresses tailored for our wedding dinner, the usual tuition classes... and that was that.

Oh. Apart from that, the colleagues and I also hung out at the popular steamboat restaurant at Roxy Square. You guys would have known, when the Vibes Kids go out, it's laughter everywhere. :P

You'd notice we brought some of our close ones along too - and since Nian had to work, I brought Leong, my brother-in-law along. :P

The food was pretty good, to be honest. I don't exactly like their Tom Yum, but their clear soup was very good! It was also ala carte steamboat so we ordered hell loads of beef..... It was iron overload zomg. D:

We were supposed to go for a BBQ but we couldn't secure a pit in East Coast Park. The plan changed and we decided to go for a picnic instead, but in the end... we ended up in Roxy Square.

That kinda explained my overly relaxed dressing - I usually don't wear shorts out when I meet my friends. Unless of course we're gonna watch a soccer match... or some kinda stuff we're gonna do that would render me completely immobile if I were to wear a dress.

My manager, on the other hand, wore a completely dysfunctional overall that had only one side to the sleeves. You should watch him attempting to balance the overall while filling our hotpots with soup. :P

The other two guys who came along with us... had a much better time doing these little chores for us, I think. :P

And is this the first time you see Daen looking so unglam in a picture? Hehehe.

Ok, gotta run! Imma catching the last bit of Harry Potter with Nian in a bit, and he's reaching! :)

If you've nothing to do next week, maybe you should head down to Kanebo's Sale.

Too bad I cannot take leave for this. :(

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