Twisted The Movie 撞鬼 (2011, Singapore)

Monday, July 25, 2011

On Saturday, Nian and I went ahead with another invitation from and we caught the local horror/comedy, Twisted.

Starred by Mark Lee, there are also popular actresses like Zhu Mimi and Linda Liao that I was really looking forward to!

Thinking about it, this is the second horror movie I've caught this year already. Definitely making up the lack of horror movies in the past few years, haha!

Directed by Chai Yee Wai, this movie is somewhat similar to The Ghost Must Be Crazy earlier in the year - it has three parts to the movie, but yet, the significant difference is that, the three stories were actually related.

The first part of the story involved how Guan (Mark Lee) got involved with Mimi (Candy Lim). Mimi then turned obsessive with her relationship with Guan, and it ended in a tragic end for her.

Shortly after, Guan was travelling when he met two desperately horny air stewards, Cavin and Randall (characters share the same name as actual actors/actresses).

After getting hold of some drugs from Guan, their plan was to spike their fellow colleagues drinks - and hopefully manage to get them into bed.

Unknown to Cavin and Randall, their plans were actually thwarted by another fellow colleague. However, it only made it worse because of a freakishly unplanned accident that left them snowball from bad to worst... and finally, it all ended, as usual, gruesomely.

Personally, I prefer the last story the most because I thought Joey Leong, who acted as Yi Ning, (Zhu Mimi's daughter) acted really well!

Both Fa (Zhu Mimi) and Yi Ning were often beaten up by Fa's abusive husband. Unable to tolerate him any longer, Fa then killed her husband, using his remains to cook up pots and pots of Bak Kut Teh.

Unfortunately, the relentless spirit of her husband then possessed into Yi Ning, making her extremely uncontrollable and scary.

I thought the story came to an end really quickly, because it turned out that Fa was the uncontrollable one with a problem. The two mediums she got to help, were murdered by her.

And there was no explanation of how Yi Ning survived this entire possession.

I'd give this show a 2/5 - there are interesting twists to the storyline which I enjoy, but somehow, the whole movie seemed like it is a badly choreographed dance that ended with a snap of a finger.

If you'd like, you can catch it on the 28th of July. Do go with an open heart, and an even bigger laughter. :)

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  1. Just wanna say thanks for the synopsis. Twisted was only recently released in M'sia and I watched it today. A huuuuge chunk totally got cut off. Never mind the bleeping of profanities. The version I saw at the cinema today did not show/explain that Mimi Zhu made meals out of her husband and also what happened to the two exorcists. That segment of the movie ended really very abruptly :(


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