[Adv] Amelie-Anne's Self-Manufactured Dresses!

Tuesday, July 26, 2011

About two months' back, I covered Amelie-Anne and their first collection of their self-manufactured dresses that sold like hot cakes. Now, 2 month later, I am even happier to be announcing that Amelie-Anne is back with more self-manufactured dresses - more designs, more to choose from!

This was their first self-manufactured collection, The Front Tiered Dress. All have been wiped out, except for this Dusty Green one, in extremely limited stocks.

I think this green will look well on both dark and fair skin, which means it's probably a good gift for your girlfriend! *hint hint*

You'd never go wrong with this piece because you can wear it on its own, or pair it with a jacket. Wear it with a chunky necklace, and there you have it - the edgy office lady, different from the usual shirt and skirt get-up. Easy, peasy, lemon squeezy at only $29.

After this smashing first launch, Amelie-Anne followed closely by the second, equally awesome launch of their City Chic Dress in four different colour. I'll be showing you only three because the City Chic Dress in blue is completely sold out. :D


 If you were to check out the dresses here, you can also check out how popular bloggers like Beatrice Tan and Zoe Raymond carry off this dress! I think this is a good grab, especially this last one in pink.

So absolutely sweet at only $29!

If that pink piece above doesn't catch your eyes, then maybe you should consider this piece in their third self-manufactured collection:

OMG I love this!

I cannot decide if pink is nicer, or purple's sweeter........

What's your take?

The Nude one is nice too, but unfortunately, they are all sold out by the time I'm writing this advertorial. Go take a look if you're interested! Each of these beautiful pieces are only retailing at $30 each. :)

Of course, the aim of the advertorial today, is to let you girls know that Amelie-Anne had also launched their fourth collection about two weeks back, and I'm urging all of you to get a piece for yourself before it gets sold out!

I'm obviously still stuck with the pink dresses!!!

I really like the Peacock Blue as well because it looks so electrifying! I think, this is a good dress to wear on a date. Like.... it's chic, fashionable but sweet at the same time.

Kinda like you're daring, but you are not so "out-there" until you scare off somebody. :P

If you'd like something darker, or brighter, there's also the Soffianne Dress in Midnight Blue and Nude Cream.

Don't worry too much about the size, because Amelie-Anne offers these dresses in S and M.

You can also be sure that these dresses will be cooling, as they are made with chiffon, and 100% lined. So you don't get sheer dresses that flips around crazily in the wind! :)

Have fun shopping!

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