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Wednesday, July 20, 2011

Late last year, I wrote an advertorial for PlusPink. (Click if you haven't read it!) Fast forwarding the clock some eight months later, PlusPink is now back on thesuper-girl.com, bringing readers an even wider range of beautiful plus-sized clothings. :)

Amidst the range of beautiful dresses, I am also excited to introduce PlusPink's latest arrival - PlusPink's Convertible Dress!

The one thing I like about PlusPink's convertible dress is that it is truly free-sized.

I personally find it very annoying when an apparel obviously isn't free-sized, but store owners always claimed it to be.

Me (picking up a pair of puny pants, probably in size 2): "Hi, do you have a bigger size for this?"
Store owner: "This one free-size one."


Free-sized means that the apparel can fit anyone in any size perfectly. How can that piece of cloth be free-sized when I can't even put my thigh in!? *angry*

Besides, another good thing about being truly free-sized is that you can buy the same dress for all of your bridesmaids - without worrying that one might need an S, while the other needs an M... and then they break out into a catfight because you bought the wrong size and everyone's diving for the M.

This self-manufactured PlusPink Convertible Dress can fit from UK6 to UK20. If you're anything smaller than a UK6, you should probably eat more - not find a smaller dress. Heh heh.

Of course, there is also a variety of colours for you to choose from - Cherry Pink, Orchid Purple and Tiffany Blue.

If you don't already know, my bridesmaids will be decked in pink. And you bet I certainly took a second look at the convertible one in pink - and then think if I should get one piece more... just for myself! :P

Regular customers of PlusPink would also have realized the new site revamp (since May actually, after their 1st anniversary. Happy Belated Birthday!). Customers will now need to log in before orders are placed, but that would mean easier ordering procedures, and you won't need to fill in those address blanks all over again for every purchase.

Members will also receive a 10% discount on your birthday month (mine *cough* is *cough* next *cough* month!). You will also receive a $10 voucher when you spend $120 in a single receipt. Nice! :)

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