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Tuesday, July 05, 2011

I love shopping, and what makes me even happier is when I can get everything that I need and want under one roof - at least, you'd save up a lot of postage that would chalk up if you buy from different shops!

When I pounced on Trendy Singapore, I couldn't stop browsing because there are simply too many things from me to choose from - from blouses to jackets to bags, accessories and even plus-sized clothes - you can find whatever you're thinking of!

Let me show you some of my favourites:

Available in L   XL   2XL   3XL

This Deep V dress is cutesy, yet suitable enough for work. You can wear a tube (white tube inclusive with dress) during working hours, and then wheeeee! Take the tube out to reveal a sexy, plunging neck line for a romantic dinner with your boyfriend/husband after work!

Love versatile dresses like these, where you can decide to play serious yet chic, or sexy yet cute.

If dresses are not your thang, then you must, must, must, must, MUSTTTTT get this pair of pants.

in sizes M and L

I don't really like pants because I've got big hips, but maybe, THIS pants could be the solution. If you can't convince people that you've got a tiny hip, maybe you can confuse them.

Is that big hips, or is that just fashion? I like how it goes all skinny at the end, so chic please! T___T

Another piece of awesome work-wear:

Free Size

A simple blue jacket but doesn't it totally brightens you up amidst khaki pants and white tank tops?

Last pretty dress before I completely go berserk and post everything in the site up:

Free Size

This is like the perfect dress if you're going to Korea, Taiwan or Japan because this just screams their fashion!

I'd wear it with a pair of boots, if I have this dress, and then maybe bun my hair up with a huge ribbon. It will be perfect. Absolutely kawaii-ne~~!

Erm. I know I said it would be the last picture, but check this out:


This is called the "Hair-Trend" Smock because of its material. Let me show you a closer inspection of it:

Oooooh! Furry, warm and nice for a winter holiday. Or a freezing office. :P


And yes, you can find sexy lingerie in Trendy Singapore too. Told you they sell everything a girl can wear!

To top it off, Trendy Singapore is offering an irresistible offer:

Just purchase the required number of pieces to enjoy discounts off EACH of your apparels! Perfect time to conduct a spree among your colleagues, right? :D

3-5 pieces - $1.50 off/piece
6-10 pieces - $2 off/piece
11-17pieces - $3 off/piece
18-26 pieces - $4 off/piece
27+ pieces - $5 off/piece

Do note that the discount do not include items in the Accessories section and already discounted items.

For other upcoming contests and promotions, please "like" them on their Facebook page or follow them on their Twitter.

I'm off to shopping, bye!

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