[Adv] The Supergirl Saves The Day with Crizal

Friday, July 22, 2011

Two weeks ago, I was tasked to a highly dangerous and challenging mission in the Universal Studios Singapore (USS). You see, there was a huuuuuge group of people under the attack of 5 different monsters!!!

Scary thing is, they are invisible to everyone else. Everyone else but me, The Supergirl. Therefore, my trusty monster-detection system had me off to save everyone's day. I had to work quick, because the longer I delay, the more people will have their sights stolen from them, FOREVER.

The task was straight forward - search and destroy the five monsters: Glare, Dust, Scratch, Smudge and Water. Come with me and watch me destroy them!

Let's teleport to USS!!!

Oh wow, looks like we won't need to look any further, the Glare Monster is shooting glare out of his mouth right at the entrance! Oh my God, look at everyone trying to run away from him - they are either putting on their shades, or covering their eyes!

What about those people who are wearing glasses and don't have any protection against this Glare Monster? Hmmm. Let me save them first!

HAHAHA! Now that we've subdued the Glare Monster for the moment - these people should be able to see clearer and better to prevent their eyes from getting damaged, thanks to my powerful Crizal lens! Let's go look for the rest of the monsters!

Do you think the other monsters may be stealing the sights of the people in Far Far Away? Let's go and take a look!

Oh my God! What happened? Why did my vision suddenly went blur? It MUST be the Smudge Monster's doing!!

I see him at the top of the building! Let's ATTACK!

Muahahahaha that green, slimy Smudge Monster has NO MATCH against my powerful, newly acquired Crizal Lens. Really, this has to be my most powerful weapon against these terrible thieves of sight!

Now, having beaten the Glare and Smudge Monster, there are even more powerful monsters further in the USS waiting for us. Are you guys ready? Remember to put on your Crizal lens because the fight WILL BE tough without it!

Looks like the monsters could recognize me in my Supergirl's get-up. I'm now changed into my commoner's clothes, along with my Superman. He's equipped with the powerful Crizal lens too, and in case you're wondering, we're on a speed boat on the way to Madagascar.

News has it that there's an evil Dust Monster hiding in the tunnels, where the boat will pass through!

Wow! Loads of cargo and water. This must be the favourite place for the Dust Monster! Do you think we'd find the Water Monster here as well?

I hope! That way, we can kill two birds monsters with one stone Crizal lens!

AH-HA!! FOUND YA YOU EVIL DUST MONSTER, hiding in between these cargo boxes!

Now don't you run!!!

Heh heh, looks like our disguise is working well! These silly monsters can't even recognize me, the sexy Supergirl at all. Ha!

With three monsters thoroughly beaten by my trusty Crizal lens, I think the remaining two - the Scratch Monster and the Water Monster have to be really, really afraid.

I think we should check out the roller coaster area! With all those sharp turning and sudden movements, I'm very sure that is where the Scratch Monster will hang out - waiting for the golden opportunity to scratch the lenses of the other commoners!

Let's hurry!!

Geez! Look how happy the Scratch Monster is, happily using his newly-sharpened claws to destroy the otherwise perfect scenery.

For that, you must die, Scratch Monster!!!

*shoots Crizal Lens like ninjas shooting Shurikens*

Crizal lens prevents the works of the Scratch Monster - while it's easy to get scratches in other lenses, you will notice the difference in Crizal lens. Say goodbye to these micro scratches because even though they are small, they do loads of damage to your eyes!

Now, last enemy, guys!

Are you guys still alive? Are you all still with me?

Hang in there! For perfect eyesight with glasses, hard work MUST be done!


The Water Monster has to be the fiercest among all - afterall, water is everywhere! Our perspiration, the water in the air, the fogging we get when the glasses got stuck on our cheeks for too long....

This WILL be a tough battle but fear not, ladies and gentlemen, for we have CRIZAL lens!

With Crizal lens, Water Monster's attack all seemed like an interesting action movie - except that all the water droplets he's spraying on me all slid off my glasses.

Now, you think you can blind me with your powerful water droplets? Think again!!

I was once defeated by you (Superman remains happy because Crizal lens protected him!), but this score will be settled.

HIIIYAAAA!!! *throws Crizal lens at Water Monster, followed by a flying kick*

And the Water Monster escaped on a speed boat!

Boooooo!!!!! I will definitely destroy you completely the next time round!

With all 5 enemies of sight destroyed, we can all come out to play!

Yes, do remember to don on your Crizal lens - you wouldn't want these five monsters to be haunting you while you have fun!

Of course, The Supergirl will be giving out a free pair of Crizal lens. More details on the first week of August - so stay tuned!!!

With love,

The Supergirl & her Superman,

Signing off with our trusty Crizal lens.


USS Tickets are available at the door at $74, but it only costs $68 for an open-date ticket at Hello Lobang!

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  1. Wowow!!! veri interesting post! I love all the captions and write-up! After reading it actually boost up my interest to get a pair of Crizal Lens too!

  2. You should! Then you can use it when you cook, since it prevents smudges!

  3. this post is super funny and creative! wahahaha... made me want to get myopia just so i can get crizal lens! love this! :o)

  4. Haha Darren! You're super funny please!

    You can use Crizal next time when you have 老花眼 (presbyopia)! It's called Crizal Varilux.

    But that one, still about 30 more years to go la! :P

  5. cool and cute post u have... I haven't been to USS but it already looks so fun..

  6. I am using crizal too and it is really clear and almost dust free even though i am working in a dusty environment.

  7. Oh i didn't know there is a crizal lens for long-sightedness too. Thanks for the info.

  8. @Zhi Huat, make sure you wear a pair of Crizal lens when you go! Those monsters are still there, I'm sure!

    Only Crizal can defeat them. =)

    @Anonymous, I'm glad it helps for you! Try to run the lenses under the water when they get a little dusty. Dab it with spectacles cloth, or tissue and you can maintain it scratch-free for a long time!

    @Dylan, yes, you can use it when you're old. :P

  9. So much LOVE for this exciting journey to subdue the monsters! <3

  10. @mint, the journey was so much more fun with u guys and girls with me! <3


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