[Review] Mentholatum ACNES Skincare

Saturday, July 30, 2011

Recently, thanks to thesamplestore, I was given a tube of Mentholatum Acnes Creamy Wash, along with the Acnes Sealing Jell.

I'm always very happy with Acnes products because having won an entire set of Acnes skincare about a year back, you can say that Acnes is one of my sure-to-turn-to product when I have my monthly bouts of outbreak.

I'm not sure if you girls experience the same thing as I do - my pimples 'migrate'. When I was younger, I had a lot of pimples on my forehead. Then, as I grow older, my pimples start to appear on my nose. (?)

Just very, very recently, like probably a few months ago, I had pimples on my chin wtf. And it stayed on the chin for a few months before moving back to my forehead now. -___-

Why not just move out of my body, pimps?

But of course, as I grew older, my pimple outbreaks reduce significantly. I think it is also because of a change in lifestyle - I used to drink pretty often, and that resulted in dull skin. I also learned how to maintain sebum level on my T-zone, which very much restricted the pores from clogging up.

One thing you'd appreciate with the Acnes Creamy Wash is that it is very, very foamy.

I remember reading it from somewhere, that foaming washes are better because the little bubbles can pick up more dirt and grime from your face, and therefore me a more efficient wash.

These days, I've also been paying more attention to the ingredients used for a face wash... Sometimes, I can get pretty anal with its manufacturing country too. (But not much of a choice in SG because most of the products are made in China. :( )

I'm especially appreciative to the fact that while Acnes praised itself to be able to deep cleanse (i.e unclogging pores, removing excessive sebum etc.), it does not contain Sodium Lauryl Sulfate. This particular ingredient can be found widely in many different skincare - so do take a look out for it! It has many harmful effects when used in the long run. You can read (here) for more details.

Sealing Jell

Just in case you didn't know, remember to only apply your sealing jell AFTER your facial wash so that it gets absorbed 'cleanly'.

It is very, very unhealthy to be applying moisturizers, facial masks, pimple creams and even toner on an uncleaned skin - this applies even when you're not applying any make-up.

The Sealing Jell comes with a safety seal - good because you know the product has never been tampered before, bad... because it's really hard to remove. I had to poke a hole through with a toothpick LOL.

Found a teeny weeny but nevertheless annoying zit on my forehead. Decided to let the sealing jell do its work:

The sealing jell is translucent, slightly greasy/soapy (I cannot decide what texture is that) and scent-free. I applied a thin film over the zit.

 All in all, I feel that the sealing jell "cools down" the angry zit pretty quickly. It stopped giving me a dull, annoying pain when I applied pressure on it just within 15 minutes of application. I think it's the work of Alcohol and Glycerin in the ingredient list that's doing the trick!

I personally like Glycerin as one of the ingredients because it is anti-bacterial. Doctors apply Glycerin to skin graft tissues used to treat burn victims (source), and its moisturizing property makes skin supple and moisturized.

In fact, Glycerin is used to treat people with eczema, where they have dry, flaky and scaly skin sometimes.

Enjoy the goodness of Acnes Medicated skincare, simply by redeeming your free samples at their Facebook page. Have fun, and have a healthy, happy face!

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