[Adv] Let The Feast Begin - 8th out of 8 stops!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

All good food must end with a sweet note.

Although I don't usually do that, you can never imagine how much a "happily ever after" ending having desserts at the end of the day brings me.

After about 5 hours of food trail, we ended our exploration at one of my favourite cupcake stores - Oni Cupcakes.

It was my third time to Oni Cupcakes ever since I knew its existence. Boasting of self-designed delicate cupcakes, those baby cakes are something I've never seen before at other cupcake stores.

In fact, all these mini cakes are given readily to customers who might want to give the flavour a try, which we think that it's a really sweet effort. I mean, you can always just cut up a usual-size cake and serve, right?

My favourite cuppies has to be Healthy Bunny (Carrot Cake topped with Cream Cheese) and Nuts About You (Nutella based top with Nutella cream). They cost $4.80 each.

Some other special creations you should try are:

- Adam & Eve (chocolate base topped with green apple cream)
- Rocky Mountain (chocolate chunks in cupcake)
- Oriental Twist (chocolate base topped with mandarin orange cream) Nian loves this one!

Oni Cupcakes
26 China Street, #01-02 Far East Square, Singapore
Tel: +65 6557 0108

Read other Gastromanic Restaurants along the trail:
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- SPRING Ju Chun Yuan 聚春园
- Garuda Padang Cuisine
- Mont Calzone Pizza & Pasta
- Shin Kushiya
- Mirchi - Taste of India
- Hock Lam Beef

All images from William, a fellow Gastromania Feast blogger and Oni Cupcakes website.

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