[aDV] Let The Feast Begin - 5th out of 8 stops!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

This is the 5th stop out of 8 for our Far East Square Gastromania Trail! If you have not read the rest of the stops, scroll down! :)

The fifth stop had us feasting on Italian cuisine - Singapore style. I really love the pizzas here because it is "designed" from Mont Calzone Pizza & Pasta themselves, so they are really different from most pizzas I've had these years.

Rustica - Tomato sauce, mozzarella, mushrooms and beef pepperoni

In all, we sampled three different types of pizzas, most of which their best sellers, and three of their pastas - some of which were their own invention too.

Black Truffle - Tomato sauce, mozzarella, black truffle with an egg set in the center

I think the Black Truffle Pizza is my favourite. The Black Truffle sat very well with the sunny-side up. It's a little peppery in some ways, but yet not overwhelming. I devoured two pieces of this pizza even though I was filled to the brim from the previous 4 stops.

Smoked Salmon: Tomato sauce, Mascarpone Cheese, Smoked Salmon topped with fresh spinach

The third pizza we've tried is the Smoked Salmon. I like how the salmon isn't too salty, because generally, smoked salmon makes me cringe at their saltiness. X__X

Eating the salmon topped with the generous serving of spinach also sets off a series of flavour explosions in my mouth - the contrasting taste... just makes me want to shove another slice down my throat. Hehe.

All pizzas are going at $15.90 for the medium sized ones (8") and $18.90 for the large ones (12"). If you come in the evening, you can even have a beer to go with these yummy Italian noms!

The three other pastas are also rather interesting. For example, this Purma Ham with Rucola ($16.90) has got such yummy purma ham, you don't even need melons to bring out their taste.

The linguine is also strategically cooked to such tanginess, eating them together feels like putting a couple to a dance in your mouth. You feel happy and in love (with the food). :)

Even though the Carbonara ($13.90) is a rather common pasta dish with cream sauce, egg, bacon and what-have-yous, I enjoy this plate of common dish too. I'd wish for the penne to be cooked a little softer though, but in all, the cream sauce is awesome.

I've even caught some bloggers dipping their pizzas with the sauce!

Do try their signature Lemon Tea if you're there. Nian gave it a go, and he thinks it's fabulous. If a strict eater like him who could taste a single spoon too much of salt in his food says it's nice, you've gotta believe him.

Me, on the other hand, would recommend this Sambal Marinara ($16.90). Somewhat similar to our local mee goreng, the Sambal Marinara makes me feel like I'm having the best of both worlds - Fresh seafood with spicy sambal. Do try it!

Mont Calzone Pizza & Pasta
38 Pekin Street

For reservations, please call 6557 2304.
Opening Hours:
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Non-watermarked images are courtesy from William, also a fellow Gastromanic Feast blogger!

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