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Sunday, July 10, 2011

So, we've had two rounds of Chinese cuisine, one round of Indonesian, what's next?

That's right, it's Shin Kushiya!

Unlike many other Japanese restaurants, Shin Kushiya is well known for its quality and affordable kushiyaki - Charcoal-grilled skewers.

Left to right: Tomato Maki, Ebi Shiso Maki, Buta Bara Yaki Miso and Black Pepper Yakitori

Apart from the freshest meat and seafood skewed artfully through bamboo skewers, these kushiyakis are also grilled over Bincho charcoal from Japan.

Paired with freshly-grounded sea salt, cracked black pepper and homemade tare sauce, dining at Shin Kushiya makes me forget about the existence of the other Japanese restaurants.

Apart from the normal fresh-grounded sea-salt, you can also expect flavoured salt like the above. The yellow one is known as the Curry Salt, while the one that carried a tinge of purple is known as the Sour Plum Salt.

My favourite one has to be the Curry Salt!

Apart from the usual green tea, you should pair your Kushiyakis with this Yuzu Cooler. Mixed with bits of orange citrus and soda, this is yet another refreshing drink that made me crave for more. :)

And if you're going down to Shin Kushiya, don't forget their Kuru Goma Heaven - sesame ice-cream eaten with freshly grounded sesame paste (snugged under the strawberries) and a stick of wafer dipped with more sesame, this is the best Japanese ice-cream I've had in ages.

Shin Kushiya is available at four different venues: Vivocity, Suntec City, myVillage@Serangoon Garden and Far East Square.

Shin Kushiya Far East Square
Monday to Saturday
Lunch: 11.30AM to 3PM
Dinner: 6PM to 11PM

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Non-watermarked images are courtesy from William, also a fellow Gastromanic Feast blogger! 

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  1. Glad that you enjoyed our Kuro Goma Heaven! We're really honoured to be termed as the best Japanese ice-cream you've had in ages. =)

  2. Hi! Are you Sarah? I do hope I got your name right!

    Thank you for having us at Shin Kushiya, I've been craving for it since the last visit so I'm definitely gonna spend my $20 voucher on the Kuro Goma Heaven and MORE kushiyaki. =D


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