[Adv] Let The Feast Begin - 3rd out of 8 stops!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

After stuffing ourselves with loads of worthwhile calories in the previous two stops, we headed towards Garuda Padang Cuisine next!

Garuda Padang Cuisine is probably the most affordable place to grab a quick lunch amidst your hectic working schedules.

With a range of authentic Indonesian cuisine you can choose from, you can get to taste a slice of Medan at only a small price. How small is small? Nian and I tried their signature Fried Chicken with Blue Ginger Floss - each piece is only retailing at $5.30!

Now, if that's not cheap in the CBD, I don't know what is.

Each piece of chicken is fried to perfection; but before that happens, they are marinated with special sauces for at least half a day - that would mean a solid 12 hours!

Not only that, the Blue Ginger Floss are also marinated with the chicken. During preparation, the chicken will be deep fried with fresh oil first, until almost done.

Afterwhich, the Blue Ginger Floss will be fried together, and then served simultaneously, achieving the heavenly dish you see above. All for less than $6.

With all these yummy dishes, all of us are really having a hard time staying slim!

For a more satisfying meal, pair your Fried Chicken with Garuda's Calamansi drink. It is slightly gassy, very refreshing for a hot afternoon. :)

And did I mention that Garuda Padang Cuisine is also part of TungLuk Group?

Non-watermarked images are courtesy from William, also a fellow Gastromanic Feast blogger! 

Garuda Padang Cuisine
Far East Square
#01-01 7-8 Amoy Street
Singapore 049949

For reservations, please call 6536 4111.

Opening Hours:
11.30AM to 10PM, Mondays to Saturdays.

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  1. You are making me hungry with all of your post!!

  2. Come Singapore! I'll bring you around! :)


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