[Adv] Let The Feast Begin - 1st out of 8 stops!

Sunday, July 10, 2011

Over the weekend, Nian and I had an extremely satisfying breakfast + lunch + dinner around Far East Square, thanks to Omy.sg and Far East Organization!

Let me bring you guys along with our Gastromania Feast, ok? It is of great importance that you know because you can win dining vouchers! :D

Our first stop is Zhou's Kitchen.

Zhou's Kitchen is operated under popular Chinese restaurant - TungLok Group in 2007. Based on a casual Chinese dining concept, dining in Zhou's kitchen is not only an enjoyable experience, but also one that is casual and fun.

Apart from the outlet which we visited in Far East Square, Zhou's Kitchen has also three other outlets: Anchorpoint, Novena Square 2 and Jurong Point Shopping Centre.

On Saturday, Nian and I had the opportunity to try their very yummy Pork Shank ($22).

To be honest, this is the first time I've ever tried a Pork Shank because I always think that pork knuckles are the most sinful part of a pig you can ever, ever eat.

I always associate pork knuckles to oil and disgusting, really.

However, Zhou's Kitchen did the Pork Shank really well because after I gain enough courage to take the first bite, I realized that it wasn't one bit oily at all.

It was succulent, tender and juicy. Even better than other parts of a pig!

The Pork Shank is also served with a choice of either deep fried or steam buns to go with the gravy.

First stop, and all of us are blown away! If you stare at the plates in the middle hard enough, you'd realize they are all empty, except for the bones. :P

Do try Zhou's Kitchen herbal tea (the one all of us are having in our glasses) because they taste really good! Very suitable for a hot, humid day - which is any day, LOL.

Zhou's Kitchen
9-13 Amoy Street
Singapore 049949

For reservations, please call 6877 1123.

Operating Hours:
Lunch (Weekdays): 11.30AM to 3PM
Lunch (Weekends & PH): 11AM to 2.30PM
High Tea (Daily): 3PM to 5.30PM
Dinner (Daily): 6PM to 10.30PM

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Non-watermarked images are courtesy from William, also a fellow Gastromanic Feast blogger!

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