Giveaway Winners Announced!

Monday, July 04, 2011

Hi everyone!

Before I announce the lucky winners for the Ginvera Giveaway and the Singapore Blog Awards Giveaway, I want to thank everyone for your support!

For one, I never thought I'd be able to garner so much votes on a Facebook contest.

I usually think that Facebook contests are not a contest about how good your work is - it is about how many friends you have, and how thick-skinned you get to grab your votes. Some resorted to sending Facebook messages to people, creating events - and me, I conduct giveaways to "bribe" you girls lol.

But I'm still glad you all are willing to be bribed by me! And for that, since the response for the Singapore Blog Awards is not as good as the Ginvera one, I've decided to share all 5 prizes among everyone who has voted for me, regardless of the contest. :)

I will now announce the two winners who will walk away with the Ginvera Mini-Hampers:

The lucky number 6 and 9 are Tina Lane (KrispyTinCan) and Kristina!

As for the Singapore Blog Awards goodies, the Freshel samples will be given to RynaQUE for submitting the one and only comment!

The Acnes Skincare Products will go to:


And last but not least, the SANA skincare products will be given to:

Anna Ker! (Do note that this product is by meet-up only as it's kinda huge to be mailed out without going to the post office.)

To the rest, do remember to drop me an email ( with your mailing details within 24 hours!

Anna, I do meet ups in town (Raffles Place, Tanjong Pagar, Dhoby Ghaut, Somerset, Orchard - or any stations up the red line to the North between 7PM to 8PM, Mondays to Fridays. We can discuss other timing and venues, please email me. :D)

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  1. I CAN'T BELIEVE I WON!!! I'm so happy. Thanks so much Jac. I just emailed you :)

  2. OH YAY!!! That's really thoughtful of you giving the prizes to your other followers. It's really sweet. And thanks for picking me (Kristina) :) You are incredible!!

  3. Hi girls,

    Thanks for voting for me and participating in my giveaways! =)

    I hope you girls had as much fun as I did holding the contest. <3


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