The Day Where Work Meets Family

Saturday, July 02, 2011

As you're reading this, I'm actually at the Universal Studios! Show you guys pictures when I'm back!

I think it's no doubt that I have one group of the world's best colleagues - we eat together, work together, and now, we even play together.

And then see any additional people? :D

That's right! I actually arranged Leong and Nian to have a night of fun and laughter with the colleagues at Mind Cafe one evening.

Ohmygod, it was so fun! We played some stupid game where we all had to choose an animal sound (and Daen's was a snake. The sound that his snake makes? "Daeniscute" -__-); I was leading at first and then I lost concentration amidst the "Ah Mooooo", "Rabbit Wabbit" (which is actually a frog's sound wtf), "Hoolu Hoolu", "Nehhhh Nehhhh" etc. etc. etc.

We played Taboo as well, which I think I'm really good at it! But when we came to Pictionary, omg no matter how hard I tried, my dog looked like a cat.

But, Daen is the worst artist among all of us.

He was supposed to draw a Loch Ness Monster and it should have looked like the above! I don't know how he ended up with the pig's face with human body and three eyes. -_________-

Btw, picture from Google Search engine. It refused to let me into the site to credit it lol.

I looked extremely awkward because stupid Daen just elbowed my ear while he rests on my shoulder, kns.

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