[Adv] Hada Labo Retinol Lifting & Firming Lotion

Thursday, July 14, 2011

Last May, Hada Labo was first launched in Singapore with its moisture range:

Ever since the launch, I've been a true convert to Hada Labo, using its popular Lotion every single night and its Deep Hydration serum every morning to fight the dry environment of my air-conditioned office every single day.

Apart from that, I also use the foaming wash from their Exfoliation range:

However, as girls like us age, sometimes plain moisturizing and exfoliation does not really help as much as we wished.

Hence, Hada Labo launched its latest range - the anti-aging range for young-matured girls like us.

I was given the Retinol Lifting & Firming Lotion, basically, this range of anti-ageing products boasted of having these three main ingredients: Retinol Vitamin A, Collagen and Super Hyaluronic Acid.

Personally, I think that the lotion is pretty thick. In fact, it is thicker than the usual lotion that I use off the hydrating range. Therefore, I don't think it is suitable to be used as a toner, but who knows, maybe you can add it in for your own home-made mask?

The highly-raved Super Hyaluronic Acid still lives up to its promise of keeping my skin soft and hydrated, although I don't see much improvements on my fine lines. As it does not contain and fragrances, mineral oil and alcohol, I think this is nevertheless a good skincare product for the sensitive skin.

This bottle of lotion is retailing at $25.90. You can now redeem a free sample from Hada Labo's Facebook Page [HERE]. *Click click*

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