[Adv] Bio-essence Celebrity's Choice Inch Loss Cream

Friday, July 29, 2011

Last month, I was given two sample sizes of Bio-essence Celebrity's Choice Inch Loss Cream to try.

While it is said that it can burn and firm the body faster on our usually problematic areas, I gave it a go on my thigh, and tried it for 1 week.

I'd love to try it for a longer period of time, but the 20g palm-sized sample wasn't enough for usage longer than 2 weeks, since I use them daily for my entire thigh areas.

Before I begin, I took my measurements on my thigh. 23". Ginormous - probably the waist size of a really skinny girl, hahaha!

I applied the Body Cream on a daily basis, usually in the morning before I get to work. I also use the Shower Scrub that came along with the small sample (20g as well) every day for the week.

One week later, I went on to measure again.

Still 23", hahaha. Looks like its Extra Strength doesn't work extraordinarily well for me.

If you're interested in winning yourself a TRIAL kit to test, you can like their facebook page and play the game. :)

Good luck! (in both losing those inches and winning the game!)

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  1. Hi there super girl. I hv tried d extra strength cream and it's burning sensation reminds me of hell's inferno. U hv that problem?

  2. Hi Zee!

    Unfortunately, I didn't feel anything. Maybe cuz the sample I had was so tiny it was barely enough for a complete rub down!


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