When we were 18

Thursday, June 09, 2011

Serene, Wendy and I got to know each other through the most unconventional ways - the Internet.

While people go online to look for love, somehow, our friendship blossomed during the Flowerpod days.... when we were only 18.

Fast forward the ticking of the clock, we are now 26. From the usual weekends at Chinablack with our boyfriends until now, where all three of us are going to get married.

8 years. There are really a lot of things you can do within these numbers, isn't it? :)

Like our usual meetings, we always never fail to update each other about our lives. It used to be about boyfriends, and now, it's down to wedding preparations, pregnancy news, relationship with the in-laws.....

But of course, we'll never ever miss out gossips of the usual people we gossip about. Hehehe.

We met up at Ippudo at Mandarin Gallery this time for our meet up. For a while, our meet up was always at Minds Cafe - where we will play silly card games while we busy ourselves with our usual gossips.

And then we kept going to Marche and Sushi Tei. And now, we are at Ippudo, which Serene has very bimbotically thought that it was Tanpoopoo (spelling error deliberate - to illustrate her pronounciation LOL).

It was my first time there, I must say that I was quite surprised that their queue was so freakin' long, it kinda scared me. But I'm also quite impressed at how fast the service staff got all of us seated rather quickly too.

I tried their #5 noodle. #5 because I only remembered its number on the menu and not its name. Heeeeee. It's not too bad! The noodles came within 10 minutes of order, it was almost like cooking a pack of maggie mee wtf.

The downside of the restaurant is that it is simplyyyy too noisy. I think they purposely made it so noisy so that it is not conducive for people who want to chat after eating. Or during eating.

Basically, you can't chat at all because it's so noisy, you'd end up shouting at one another.

"Hai. Dunno what to eat leh."
"I dunno what to eat."
"Dunno what?"

So you get damn fed up. You just want to quickly finish up your food and get the hell outta there to somewhere else where you can sit down and talk without shouting your lungs off.

Which was exactly what we did. I mean, you can't actually shout a gossip what, right? Gossips are meant to be whispered, and then giggled away.

Shouting out a gossip just kinda takes all the elements of a gossip away. Tsk.

In the end, we gobbled up our noodles so quickly, we stayed there for only an hour, tops, and then we moved on to Wild Honey for our dessert.

It was slightly better, but still pretty noisy. Just as I was raising my voice in frustration (was telling an epic story about how ridiculous someone else was), the aircon went off.

And along with it, the music went off too. Just as I was in a middle of swearing.

"FAAAAAAA.....???? How come suddenly so quiet one???"

So I cannot swear because it was so quiet, it makes me embarrassed to be caught swearing loudly. Heh. After rounds of scones and cupcakes, we decided to adjourn to the toilet.

It was in conjunction of our toilet topic - They were telling me how constipated they are sometimes, and I was telling them I am full of shit.

Ok, too much info. Basically, I taught them some of the ways to deliver your... *eh-hem* waste products more efficiently. Like, bending slightly forward when you have problem squeezing that joker out.

It works ok! I'm not even kidding!

Sometimes, crossing my legs helps the delivery as well. Or if you're really superbly clogged up, you can try the squat method. They are the most efficient of the lot.

I don't recommend you squatting on the toilet bowl though, it's very disgusting for the next user please.

Oh. So we were in the toilet. And it turned out to be the best place in the entire building because it doesn't smell, it's not noisy, and it's not crowded.


So this was the only place we managed to take pictures. Loads of mirrors too, so we don't need to be afraid of looking like shit. Pun not intended.

The only downside about the toilet is probably the overly yellow lighting. Whoa, make me adjust the colours until siao - and I still get something sepia. -___-

Just watch us. Give us 1 year down the road, and we will need to ask for a table for 6 for the next meet up!


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