Scaling the heights again - National Vertical Marathon 2011

Monday, June 13, 2011

Over the weekend, Nian and I took part in the annual National Vertical Marathon. While this is the third time I'm attempting a vertical marathon, it's my first at the NVM and boy, I was excited!

You see, many of our "racing" friends told us that scaling the NVM is much harder than the Swissotel counterpart, even though it is 10 floors lesser.

We only needed to climb about 63 storeys, as compared to Swissotel's 73.

I clocked 23 minutes 40 seconds for the Swissotel's, and so, my target for the NVM was about 24 minutes. I mean, I didn't dare to aim too high because I obviously haven't been training for it. :p

In the end, I did exactly as expected. Didn't feel any giddiness, no vomiting and no cramped calves either. I was a tired, happy girl when I reached the top. :D

Honestly, I'm beginning to enjoy the vertical marathon so much more than the usual flat-ground running. It's like, every time when I go on a 12km race, I'd be questioning myself by the 7th kilometer:

"Why the hell did I sign up for this shit????!"

But it was much easier for me for the vertical marathon. Yes, it's trecherous, especially when you're halfway up cuz you're tired, but you're neither here nor there. But that being said, after the first try, I actually enjoy the flight up.

My first vertical marathon was the worst among the three - I couldn't breathe properly, and I started seeing stars by the time I reached the top. D:

For the next two races, i got used to the lack of oxygen - especially after the 40th floor. My adrenaline ran the highest by the time I reached the 50th floor, where I could finally start overtaking.

What I really, really like is the end of the race, where you step into the "light" (cuz the stairwell is usually rather dim and stuffy), and you see a gorgeous view with roaring wind.

Beats crossing the stupid time-keeping machine on flat land & crashing into anyone who is strolling, anytime! :p

Now that I'm getting used to this, I think I want to start training for the couples race. I'm not fast, of course, and I always think that I will slow Nian down.

But since I've already wrecked his running records on flatland, I guess it won't hurt wrecking his vertical marathon's! :p

I'm kidding. I promise I'll train hard for it so that I don't embarrass him too much. Sumiko shared some "tips" with us for the race as well, which made me more determined to do better.

How often do you have a high-flyer in the running scene giving you advices? :)

Ok, I'm at the office already. Gonna climb the stairs up. See you at the top!

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  1. did you the one who left nasty comment on my blog? if you did then you aren't super in any way and here are my right to answer your nasty word in my blog;

    "I never hurt you in any way but you came to my blog saying nasty word about me.

    FYI youngster, I do have right to write concern letter to SIA for them to be aware of such sensitive issue. It is good for their business input. If you don't like just left as it isn't none of your business.

    In my dictionary, it is inhuman treated differently just because my skin color is darker/lighter what so ever, in the sake of stigma or prejudice, especially when paying more than 1k and registered as gold frequent flyer.

    Anyway, I forgive you for being rude as I understand where you are coming from and you might not know better and have no empathy as it isn't never been your battle. Peace be with you'"

  2. Er... hi!

    It wasn't me. I haven't seen your blog until you left this comment. =) Tried surfing around looking for the nasty comment to read what has been said, but couldn't find it amongst the blogs.

    I think you might have gotten the wrong supergirl! =)

  3. There are 2 poss. 1st you forgot about SQ stewardesses ;

    2nd someone using your id w/o permission then I owe you apology. The link they left directed to your website id, that's how I tracing you back. I'll tracing back it's IP address when I have spare time till then have a nice day and be good to each other no matter what your skin color is. - Racism killing human race - ,,,

  4. Hi! I've went to see the post and I can guarantee you that I did not leave that nasty comment. =) In fact, that person spelt my name wrongly as well.

    Please do trace back the IP address! I'd really want to know who has been using my name and web address to post harmful statements like that. >:(

    On the other hand, I do hope you haven't met any more racist happenings on any flights. Personally, having flown on SIA for several occasions, they have offered pretty good services to me. I'm sure it's a one-off incident. =)

  5. hello, i like your blog very much! thanks for sharing

  6. Hi Tse Ki, thank you. =)

    I'm glad you enjoyed the posts!

  7. Hi Jac

    i love reading your blog! i have a very random qns. are u born with big & heavy bones?
    cuz i can see you always participate in marathons, netballs and such. but you are not like those typical uber skinny gals.

    how do u manage to be so toned? and do u actually gain weight when u exercise? i been running twice every week n i m a getting heavier ;(

    xx, von

  8. Hey Von!

    To be honest, I'm not big boned, I'm really fleshy, putting it in a nice way. LOL. I guess working out often doesn't make me skinny much. D:

    As for running, I believe that you're gaining weight because your body is developing muscles. According to what I read, muscles are actually 3 times heavier than fats.

    However, with more muscles, your body will appear toner looking and metabolism will increase! So it's not a bad thing, I s'pose. :D

  9. Hello Jac.

    Thanks for your prompt reply :) Nope. I don't think you are fleshy. From your pics, your tummy is flattttt! and you look really toned especially your arms!

    everyone ard me is so skinny that they dun even need to exercise. its so depressing to have big heavy bones :(



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