[Adv] The pen that could potentially replace all the pencils in the world

Wednesday, June 15, 2011

Ladies and Gentlemen.

Today, I will be introducing you guys one of the most revolutionary inventions of the world.

Ever thought of a simple invention that would make life so much easier and better? For example, the invention of a light bulb helped people so much that we wouldn't need to sleep when the sun sets (no lights to do anything wtf).

The invention of telephone so that it completely replaces runners running from one end to another passing messages. That's probably why messenger doves got extinct too - because they were obselete.

In 1795, pencils were born. It was invented by a French officer belonging to the army of Napoleon! Almost 90 years later, L.E. Waterman of New York designed the first workable fountain pen.

The pros and cons about a pen and a pencil is rather obvious - while the pen has ink that is more vivid and has more colour variety, it is often very permanent.

There is no way you can remove your ink mark once you put it down on paper.

The pencil, on the other hand, is usually grey and does not have much variety. It breaks easily when you drop.. and you can't use it for anything useful - unless of course, you're talking about drawing. Or scribbling nonsense on your worksheet, so that you can erase it when your teacher comes around to check on you. =D

That, too, is an advantage in its own way, isn't it?

Then in 2008, someone thought,

"Why can't we have a pen that is erasable? That way, we would have the best of both worlds!"

And that thought happens to come from Pilot.

Pilot FriXion Ball, launched in 2008.
World's First Pen with Erasable Ink

 Pilot even brought the thought further and it became, "Why, let's have an erasable highlighter!"

And then you have the Pilot FriXion Light, released in 2009.

This year, Pilot has launched an enhanced version of the widely popular FriXion pens. Not only having more colours (10 colours now!), they are now thinner, with an ergonomic design that features a rubber cushion grip.

 And of course, its erasable quality from the durable rubber stud at the end of the pen is still remarkable. Let's take a look!

Er, that mistake was intentional. Haha! So, I forgot the hyphen in my screen name. No worries! All I have to do, is to flip it over, and start erasing like a primary school kid. Look!

 With the dust-free and trace-free benefits of this Pilot FriXion pen, you can now have an ease of mind to use it anywhere and everywhere you like.

I personally love to use it the most when I give tuition, where I can easily erase my mistakes when I teach (and looking at how my students go open-mouth in wonder - "How can you erase your pen marks, teacher?!?"), my organizer (say goodbye to liquid paper and correction tapes!) and drawing.

With the new Pilot FriXion pens, I can have colourful drawings without the need of using a pencil, and then trace it over with a coloured pen. And then probably punching myself when I accidentaly mis-trace my line and I'd have to start over again!

The Pilot FriXion pens are available at major bookstores in 10 different ink colours – brown, light green, orange, pink, blue, violet, green, blue, red and black at $2.35 each.

However, both Pilot Pen and I would advise you against the use of Pilot FriXion Point ink on documents where writing needs to be of permanent nature such as legal documents, examination papers and cheques. To avoid accidental erasure, do not leave the written words in places where it may be subjected to temperatures above 65°C.

You've been warned! :) So now, let's FriX it!

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