Lunch-time Eat In

Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Every time we come to the last week before the new pay-day comes in, my colleagues and I would be super, duper broke.

So last month, we decided to do a sandwich-potluck party, where each of us will bring a bit of stuff each and make our own sandwiches. One of the ingredients we had, was Luncheon Meat.

As most of us would know, eating cold-straight-from-the-can luncheon meat is yucky. It's soft and cold, and not very tasty. So we decided to chuck the meat into the microwave oven to "heat it up".

Sometimes I wish our pantry has a toaster. And a juicer. And maybe sometimes an ice-cream maker (hahaha, kidding about this one!).

Anyways, since the microwave is the only heating element we have in the pantry, we've got to make do with it. And here's what we got at the end of the 4 minutes:

Erm. Lesson learnt. Don't toss the luncheon meat for anything longer than 2 minutes. Or you'd be eating bricks... like us.


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  1. LOL! this is funny!... love the way daen answered it. in all seriousness.

  2. Hahaha! I think the part where Jeff came in was funny. :P


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