The June Theme

Tuesday, June 21, 2011

... is flowy.

We also decided that we should pretend to be cool, so that we look.. erm. Fashionable.

Conclusion, only Melly and Daen look couture and high-end with their cool look. I, look like I deserve a punch, or the grin is coming out really soon.

Hai. This "looking couture" thing is really hard please. Shall we have some bright, happy photos for next month's theme?

Cannot look ugly every month. :)

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  3. this is cool ;-) reminds me of the days i play attire themes with my ex colleagues.

  4. Haha! Maybe you should start doing it now with your new colleagues! :)

  5. wha lao.. i also need to buck up can. I looked as if i walked into the shot accidentally. -_-

  6. Hahahaha! Yah, why you looked so lost!!! :P


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